And his eldest son, Firmino, is known as the prince of the Grain Consortium.。

of course,The Grain Consortium is not Philip’s personal,It’s a joint meeting made by many people。But the influence of this consortium is not small,I even heard that the economic lifeline of several small countries in Eastern Europe is in their hands.。Even the leaders of the country are their puppets。
These are rumors,Not proven。of course,The people in the Grain Consortium will not admit it。But they don’t prevent the spread,Just let the netizens and people who eat melons guess for themselves。
“I don’t know why Master Firmino came to our Miyamoto house this time.?”At this time Futian stood out from the crowd。
When I saw this old man, Qin Feng called a depressed。I thought this old man was gone。Turns out it hasn’t appeared,But think about it,Be afraid of death,If Futian was not afraid of death, he would not have to make all kinds of preparations in the process of holding Qinger to the post。
It’s just that now that Qin Feng’s life is not in danger,He also stood up“Preside over the overall situation”Up。After all, he was once the housekeeper of the Miyamoto family,Even the people of the Miyamoto clan at that time respected Miyamoto Okano.。
Unexpectedly, after hearing Fukuda’s words, the blonde Firmino slapped the table hard。Fukuda was so scared that he thought Firmino was angry and was going to kill him。The little heart has already thumped and accelerated。
“I get angry when I talk about it。Just because i’m late,Now the Oda family is supported by the clergy,There are reformers behind the Tokugawa family。In this way, I don’t have the ability to blend in。You do not know,My father gave me an order,Let me open the Asian market。Originally, I chose an island country for the first battle,After all, it’s one of the two best developing countries in Asia.。Good now,Because the chance to elect the prime minister was lost from me,How can I explain when I go back??
But in the end I thought and thought,Suddenly remembered that the island country has three big families,Your Miyamoto family counts as one。Even though your Miyamoto Musashi died,It seems that the status has dropped a lot。But in the end,In the beginning, your Miyamoto family also had the right to nominate。So my Firmino is here to help your Miyamoto family。how about it?Are you very moved!”
“This one.”
The members of the Miyamoto family present, including Qin Feng, felt speechless after hearing what happened.。After all, this matter can be discussed at the beginning。But as soon as you came up, you shot and killed several members of the Miyamoto family。Now that the Miyamoto family, which is related to them, dare to cooperate with Firmino??
At least Qinger was obviously quite resistant!
can only say,These big consortium members from the Omi area are too arrogant,Never even considered the three dozen families of the island nation。It’s like the three big families are just the medium for them to participate in the cake sharing。No respect at all!
of course,The Miyamoto family didn’t look like this
Unbearable。At least Qin Feng can feel it,Actually in the dark corner,At least three people are hidden。This should be the master of the Miyamoto family itself,Is to protect some people。
of course,They didn’t rush to shoot,Because these people don’t know who to listen to。Their job is to protect the Miyamoto family,But the Miyamoto family has changed their heads several times。They don’t even know if they want to meet the new owner Qinger。

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