Gone away,Can’t afford to provoke。

Didn’t make Deputy Director Zhang wait too long,7:55Minute,A new carAMCThe new century car slowly drove over。
As Mordu Automobile Factory and a famous American automobile manufacturerAMCLuxury official cars co-produced by the company,AMCNew Century just completed the first batch in June200VehiclesAMCNew centuryCKDCommercial production。
Relying on some good reputation left by the new century in the small batch trial production,Officially put into production this time200Except for the demons, all the cars are kept by themselves30Outside,leftover170VehiclesAMCThe new century has all been sent to the capital。
170This number sounds like a lot,But relative to the huge demand in the entire capital,It’s just a little pepper noodles,Can’t even make a ripple。
Deputy Director Zhang is also interested,Quickly glanced at the license plate number,Immediately greeted him with a quick smile on his face:“Mr. Chen,Rare guest,Welcome welcome……”
For the current China,Chen Geng is the biggest God of Wealth,The first half of this year alone,Chen Geng’s data research company has purchased more than50Tens of thousands of picture tubes for computer monitors,According to the order volume previously given by the data research company,It is expected that the data research company will purchase at least90Ten thousand black and white picture tubes and20Ten thousand color picture tubes,Directly created more than1.5Billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves。
This is just the picture tube project,Count other cooperative projects,Chen Geng alone,It can create more than 200 million US dollars of foreign exchange deposits for China Xia in one year,It’s not surprising that Chen Geng will be treated as a super VIP every time he comes to China.,Change to anyone,Your contribution to China Xia’s foreign exchange reserves exceeds the foreign exchange reserves of the entire country that year10%,If you get the same treatment,you can say so,Chen Geng can really walk sideways in China。
“Deputy Director Zhang, you are too kind,”Chen Geng smiled and said to Zhang Feng:“I’m afraid to disturb you。”
“No no,”Zhang Feng hurriedly waved:“Mr. Chen, you will always be our VIP guest,No matter when you come,We are the most enthusiastic、Welcome you with the most sincere attitude。”
Chen Geng smiled and nodded。
As a measure@Four in command,Zhang Feng’s daily work is very busy,Usually in order to communicate more efficiently,Visitors will communicate their intention and purpose with Zhang Feng and Zhang Feng’s secretary in advance,Chen Geng is no exception。
I know Zhang Feng is busy at work,After a simple greeting,Chen Geng took the lead in opening the topic:“Deputy Director Zhang,That’s it,AMCAutomobile hopes to be able to compete with the domestic auto parts industry、More extensive cooperation in the agricultural machinery parts industry and the electronic, electrical, and electrical industries,There are more units involved this time,So hopefully@Can help coordinate。”
Zhang Feng nodded immediately:“What needs us to coordinate,Mr. Chen, just say,But you also know,The overall strength of our auto parts industry may be far behind the international auto parts giants……”
“Actually there are many things that can be done in China,Like speakers、Wire harness、Metal bumpers front and rear、Door hinges, etc.……”Chen Geng gave a few simple examples,Then said:“These spare parts domestic companies should be no problem,Other more sophisticated,For example, some buttons in the car、Motors that control the lifting of windows, etc.,I guess the domestic problem should not be big。”
Zhang Feng thought for a while,I don’t think the problem is big,We can’t make some parts that are too precise,Is it possible that some silly things are so big that we can’t do it??
Although one thing can’t make much money,But it can’t stand it much,It looks like what Chen Geng said,This time there is a big business to discuss。
See Zhang Feng nodding,Chen Geng continued:“specific,I brought a list,The list has detailed standards and performance requirements for these parts,You can choose according to the actual domestic situation,As long as it can be produced domestically,I definitely give priority to domestic,I predict,If the cooperation goes well,By next year,The domestic country should be able to increase at least hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign exchange income each year,But for this order,I have two requirements……”

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