Then they will only be more afraid,So Xiao Fan would not allow this to happen,He will only do his best to protect himself,people around me,I will never hurt people around me easily 。

Will only protect the people around you,So that they will not be harmed like this,This is what Xiao Fan really wants to do,Is what he has always insisted on,As for the safety of other people or the quality of other people。
In fact, sometimes Xiao Fan doesn’t care,It’s just that sometimes he pays attention to these things when he wants to help some people.。
But this is not the reason why he can forgive these people, so this time he will never let anyone off easily.,Will solve them well,This is Xiao Fan’s most true thoughts。
Sometimes it’s not grateful for being soft-hearted,Or it can really make them reform,It gave them a second chance to make a mistake。
Chapter seven hundred and six Plan to shoot
Xiao Fan will definitely resolve this issue,He must know what the final result will be in front of him,After all, he needs to know who the people behind are trying to do 。
Or maybe someone who wants to hurt someone who would be so afraid of Xiao Fan’s strength,Or maybe there is such a test of Xiao Fan’s strength,But Xiao Fan already knew it,He also knows that there are some people who are abroad and want to come back here。
And disturb some things caused by Xiao Fan,But they don’t have this ability,Xiao Fan won’t let them do it,But Xiao Fan will definitely make them pay the price they deserve,So for this matter。
Xiao Fan is very able to understand what these people want to do, but he now needs some evidence or proof that his ideas are right.,So after Xiao Fan returned, he began to prepare some tasks。
After all, support things if they might have to do it,To kill all these people,Can’t let them do something like this so that they can continue to do what they should do。
Won’t stop because of these people,After all, Xiao Fan gave them a lot of things to do,These days,They are constantly investigating these things,I hope I can really solve all these things for you。

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