Xiao Fan said to her:“No need to,I have worked overtime at the company,The signed documents have been signed。”

“You see, my briefcases today are very light,Did not bring back documents。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine Travel around the world
Lin Yuna said:“really?That’s great,You can go to bed earlier。”
“Did you get up so early this morning so sleepy??”
Xiao Fan said:“Ok,Didn’t feel particularly sleepy,Got used to it。”
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan affectionately at this moment and said to him:“I can’t always be so tired from work in the future。”
“Didn’t you say it?We have made enough money,Now we have started doing charity projects,You can’t keep yourself so tired。Otherwise I will feel bad。”
Xiao Fan said:“Of course I know there is another person at home who loves me。”
“You see, although I came back a bit late today,But no overtime at night,I can watch TV series for so long with you。Isn’t it good??”
Lin Yuna said:“It’s good to watch TV series with me,But it’s almost seven o’clock when you come back tonight。”
“People in the company may not work overtime as late as you,I can’t do this anymore。”
“Get off work at five o’clock as usual,I think it’s already late enough,You came back after seven o’clock。”
“A big CEO can’t give himself a vacation and rest?”

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