Qin Feng immediately picked up Barrett in his handm82a1,Open the mirror and shoot directly。

Bang bang!
Suddenly the sound of gunshots shocked the other people in the car,The scariest thing is,They clearly felt Qin Feng hit the target,There was a screaming sound from about two kilometers away。
It’s just that the sound has become very subtle when it reaches their position。But they all understand that Qin Feng must have found something wrong。
the most important is,Qin Feng didn’t mean to stop at all。
“Drive faster!”
Kang kang!
Qin Feng was unable to complain about Zhongfa and others at this time,Didn’t wake him up at the appointed time,Cause danger nowbī)near。Qin Feng could see through the sniper lens that they were almost surrounded。
So Qin Feng simply turned the sniper rifle to aim directly at the front,He wants to make a gap。
“Zhong Fa,Yamu Tea,You two are going to sweep,Don’t worry about not having enough bullets when they approach Cheng。Hit me hard!”
How dare you have any opinions,After all, this team has always been dominated by Qin Feng。And they feel,Qin Feng is obviously anxious,This incidates that,The number of opponents may be exaggerated。
of course,They both have telescopes,Before they came here, they were well prepared。

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