“It turns out that the hegemony industry has already been to that world before,And after I can communicate with Tu Shan Susu,Never paid attention,Missed opportunity。”

Tu Shan Honghong got up from the main position,With emotion,then,Look far away,Now want to go to that world,Can only go to the kingship hegemony,The other party has been to that world,Naturally there is a way to go again,and,I heard that Yaya and Rongrong also exist in that world,therefore,Tu Shan Honghong can only go to the Human Territory again for help,then,Find Tushan Yaya,Ask the other party to temporarily manage Tushan post,Tu Shan Honghong left quickly。
Chat group hall,Xu Xian opened his eyes,Looking at the group of friends who haven’t seen you for a long time in the hall,Said with emotion。
“long time no see,Everyone。”
“what,Xu Xian, the fourth-order boss,Gangster take me。”
Wangquan Hegemony was originally looking through the chat group mall,After hearing a familiar voice,Looking back, I saw Xu Xian, who hadn’t seen me for a long time, was online,Surprised。
“Baye, don’t tease me,You are also Tier 4 now,I’m afraid I’m not your opponent yet,Where dare to take you?”
Xu Xian looked at the kingship hegemony that he was more familiar with was right next to him,therefore,Said with a smile,The two have a good relationship,The sword spirit clone of the kingship hegemony,Is from Xu Xian’s reference。
“Xu Xian must be done with your business,I’m at ease now,Pity I’m still picking an inheritor,The leader of the future Yiqidao alliance who will not be killed by the three young men and one stick。”
Wangquan Hegemony looked at Xu Xian with a smile,Suddenly said bitterly,Feeling that I have no successors。
“Two fourth-tier bosses chatting,Third-order。”
At this moment,Jingtian said with a smile,He is also desperate,Seeing the members of the group surpassed their own strength,Now except for the three newcomers who joined behind,I’m bottoming myself,therefore,Inevitably a little depressed。
“and so,You would rather buy a dragon to take you to fly,Don’t save points to strengthen yourself,Advance to Tier 4 early?”
After Wukong sent Buma away,Log in to chat group,then,I just heard Jingtian pretending to be pitiful there,Unceremoniously reveal the real situation of the other party。
“This,Doesn’t it make me better to lie on the dragon’s back?,then,Now I don’t even have any points to play in other worlds,Can only sign in every day,Get points。”
Sedum has a bitter face,Said depressed,He is also desperate,Patronize and pull the wind,But now I have to sign in every day,Accumulate points。
“but,It’s really good to have two dragons,I can usually have fun。”
The kingship hegemony said that Tier 2 dragons are usually quite fun,The most important thing is the high limit of strength,From now on, leave a young dragon to the royal family,Can protect the king’s family for hundreds of years。
“I heard that Yingzheng has a Kowloon chariot,The nine-head third-order Shenlong pull cart,Horrible。”
Jingtian said enviously,He said that he is now only Tier 3,therefore,For Ying Zheng who is just a small world,Express admiration。

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