And this pendant Harita has always been carried close to the body,Never show to others,How did Qiao Tianyu know that he had such a pendant?

“Prince Harita,Time is too fast,I don’t have time to explain to you,You just need to know that I’m here to save you,Wait for you to go out later,I will explain to you in detail。”Qiao Tianyu said anxiously。
“that.OK then.”Although Harita is still confused,But that fuchsia agate pendant can’t be wrong,He chose to believe in Qiao Tianyu once。
Then Qiao Tianyu said what Victor said last night,Repeated it with Harita,Have also been recognized by Harita,It seems that Victor’s news is well prepared。
“Prince Harita,Do you know who framed you and your father??”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“know,Prince Rahul,He is the throne of Saudi Arabia5Heir in line,One higher than my father,He thinks that our father and son threatened his position,That’s why we were black hands。”Harita explained。
“But this time the other party used5000Tons of gold,If there is no external support,I’m afraid Prince Rahul doesn’t have such power either?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Yes,My father said the same。”Harita explained。
“This time the other party not only used5000Tons of gold,And also controlledOPECOil production policy,Guide international hedge funds to short international crude oil prices,My father judges,Behind Prince Rahul,There must be a big power secretly supporting him!”
“The big power behind this,Who would it be?Did your father say,Did he find any clues??”Qiao Tianyu asked quickly。
“Oh,correct,I remember now!”Harita suddenly realized。
“When we just took over the task of swapping oil for gold,International crude oil prices fell rapidly,And we found,Suddenly a mysterious big oil company is frantically sweeping low prices,Take the opportunity to continue to eat a lot of oil,Including that in our hands370010,000 tons of oil。”
“According to my father’s sources,Until the day before yesterday, our father and son are controlled,The other party has eaten nearly1.5Billion tons of oil,You must know that even if the international original price is low,,1.5100 million oil is also worth3000Billion dollars!”
“To know,The world can take out Gundam3000There are not many institutions with billions of dollars in cash,And the mysterious big oil company took out those huge sums of money in such a short time,Obviously come prepared。”
“So my father judged,That mysterious big oil company is very likely to be the support force behind Prince Rahul,In fact, under the guise of supporting Prince Rahul,With the help of our Saudi royal family,aboutOPECPolicy,So as to suppress international oil prices。”

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