Butterfly’s father didn’t mention it again,No butterfly。

Actually Butterfly’s father has many emotions,I can’t be completely sure if the butterfly can be as well as said,Handle the relationship properly。
Butterflies have stronger emotions,My heart keeps tugging,But don’t cry or talk or show。
Both father and daughter have concentration,Try to avoid unnecessary venting,Because that doesn’t help solve the problem,Only make the situation worse。
When coming home,Butterfly’s father bought vegetables,When I entered the house, I told Butterfly’s mother:“I cook at night,Make braised fish and pork,Celebrate tonight。”
“What to celebrate?”Butterfly’s mother still doesn’t know what happened。
Butterflies pretend to be calm as usual,Change shoes,handwashing,Eat the grapes on the table。
“Celebrate Zhang Die growing up,Fall in love。”Butterfly’s father smiling,Talking,Seems really happy。
“what?”Butterfly’s mother screamed,Staring at the butterfly in disbelief and asking:“real or fake?who is it?How long?Where is it?”
“Damn!”Butterfly’s father came out of the kitchen,Half hug and half push the mother butterfly into the kitchen,Speak:“Don’t be surprised!She grew up,And inherit your beauty,Smarter than both of us,It’s no surprise to fall in love under our noses。Come to celebrate her growing up tonight,But this is the second,To celebrate that she did grow up,Sensible。I talked to him about the disadvantages of falling in love now,Zhang Die made a decisive decision,Promise to break up,Make sure to do what this age group should do in the future,Talk to friends about staying in college later。You said,Should we celebrate?”
“Really?”Butterfly’s mother was going out again,Stopped by Butterfly’s father:“Don’t ask now,It’s good to be decisive,But she will definitely be sad,Ask after two days。I’ll tell you roughly,Let’s talk while washing the vegetables,Leave her alone。”
The butterfly’s mother still looked at the butterfly sitting in the living room eating grapes,Asked worriedly:“butterfly,Is what your dad said true?”
“Really。I clean up my mood,I will break up with him this Friday,Talk to him clearly these two days,Give him time to accept。”Butterflies speak freely,It seems to have no emotions like her father。

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