right nowAMCIt’s just a corner of the U.S. market,Has achieved millions of annual sales,If they grow into a global car company,How high can their annual sales reach?the most important is,AMCThis global strategy,Is there any opportunity for Huaxia??

Aware of this possibility,Zhang Feng was excited in an instant:Chance!
But before that,One thing must be confirmed with Chen Geng。
Zhang Feng tried his best to adjust his mood,Smiling at Chen Gengdao:“5000Vehicles?That’s really amazing,If I remember correctly, this isAMCIn the first month of entering the European market?”
“Ok,Yes。”Chen Geng nodded。
“That’s even more remarkable,”Zhang Feng pats his thigh:“Follow this trend,Wait for everything to be on track,AMCMonthly sales throughout Europe must not be 20,000 to 30,000?”
Zhang Feng tentatively gave a sales situation that he thought was exaggerated。
“Ha ha……”
Chen Geng laughed,He shook his head with a smile:“Monthly sales of 20,000 to 30,000?If my goal is to sell 20,000 to 30,000 cars in Europe a month,I don’t need to extend my domestic account period。”
Hold back the excitement,Zhang Feng tentatively asked:“I’m sorry to ask,AMCThe goal in the European market is……”
“one tenth,”Chen Geng raised a finger:“We want a tenth of the European market share。”
Finished,Chen Geng smiled embarrassedly:“of course,This is our long-term goal,Whether this can be achieved actually depends on luck……Is it a bit too crazy??”
Zhang Feng only feels his head“Hum……”A bang。
Frankly,He doesn’t know the size of the entire European car market,But he had accidentally read a data before,Say cutoff1982year,The size of the US auto market is annual sales of new cars550More than ten thousand、Used cars sold annually1200More than ten thousand,Europe is one of the largest developed regions in the world,Even if the overall scale is smaller in the US,That has to be similar500Ten thousand?500Ten thousand places,That is……

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