“A punch with 500 kilograms of power?”

Although the first trick is that both parties are trying,But this attack power,Are already two or three times higher than Chen Wensen。
“Prefecture?”Tal frowned。
In fact, there is no so-called hierarchy for people like them in the world.。However, since the Purifier is divided into four levels, Heaven, Earth, Xuanhuang,,Calculated according to the maximum force of a punch。So in Taer’s view,Qin Feng’s strength now has a prefecture level strength。
same,Qin Feng was also surprised by Taer’s strength。
You must know that when Qin Feng trained with Jiang Min before, he broke through the limit of the human body many times before reaching the current level.。But now this is how a killer ranked 87th has such strength?
There is a big gap between being a mercenary with them!To know,Qin Feng is a super master with the highest individual combat ability in the mercenary world。Even many masters who have destroyed the list。
Is there such a big gap between mercenaries and regular killers?
Qin Feng thought that there was only a small gap,After all, killers are used to acting alone,The mercenary is team fighting,Although similar between the two,But there are also fundamental differences。
It’s like saying,The mercenary team ranked 87th in the mercenary rankings to deal with this killer Tal, ranked 87th,Tal will die eventually,But the mercenary team members cannot be completely wiped out。
“Big fist strength doesn’t mean anything,Look at my leg whip!”
Taer gets serious after one move,Just fly over。The speed is even many times faster than those of the so-called eighth-dan masters of Taekwondo。
Qin Feng did not dare to underestimate,After blocking this foot, I wanted to punch,But I didn’t expect the impact to be so huge,Kicked him back more than ten steps。
“interesting!”Qin Feng’s mouth rises,Then he fought Tal in close quarters again。
It’s been a long time since he met a close opponent。This Tarr was almost,But it also needs Qin Feng to raise the twelve points spirit to fight,Otherwise, the boat might be capsized in the gutter。
Just two or three seconds,The two have already fought more than ten punches,In the end, Qin Feng hit the opponent’s face with a punch, knocking Taer away, temporarily pulling the distance between the two sides.。
But Qin Feng is not feeling well!Because he was also punched twice by the opponent。
“Looks like lack of exercise recently,The body’s ability to resist hits has weakened!”Qin Feng shook his hands and feet。
Then his muscles tightened and attacked Tal again,The latter is also ready at this time。

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