Zhao Kuo rushed to speak,“This is Qin Feng boss,Your charity company just established,I definitely need an image spokesperson。And Han Qian didn’t receive any scripts,Our company does offer songs and scripts,The problem is that it takes some time to process。Then Han Qian will be very free for a while。

I was idle and idle,But I heard that you started a charity company,Then let Han Qian walk around,To endorse charity companies,This will also make her image better。”
Zhao Kuo is now Han Qian’s agent,Of course you have to fight for the other party。
Qin Feng touched his chin when he heard this。
“such,Charity matters are easy to talk about,If you are free in the next time,Then follow me
One trip!”Qin Feng feels,There is a place to help yourself while doing charity,So he thought of a good way to use it。
When I saw Qin Feng’s watch,Zhao Kuo has an ominous premonition。
“Qin Feng boss,Are you going to make trouble again??You haven’t stayed in Beijing for long,First broke the Dynasty Group,Then he arrested the person in charge of Zhou’s。This,If you continue to burn the prairie fire,It is difficult for our company to cooperate with others。”
This is actually a word of mouth issue。
Although it is obvious that Qin Feng dealt with these two people because they were on the opposite side。Even if you do this, you can isolate many people from being your opponents,But likewise, few are willing to cooperate with Fengmeng。Because they also worry about the risk of retaliation if the cooperation fails。
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty donate!
“rest assured,It’s all about doing charity,I must stay away from the capital。”Qin Feng said and patted Zhao Kuo on the shoulder,But this did not provide comfort,It made Zhao Kuo even more worried。

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