“Ok,Then I will come when you come to travel.,At the same time, you also tell you people in live broadcasts.,Tell them not to come here,There is no fun here.,I want to see where the scenery can be seen.。”

But Li Hui’s words are directly giving the audience from live broadcasts.。
“I go,God doctor does not want to share the green water in the green mountains with us.。”
“Yup,Do you still remember the first sentence of Ye Ge’s first sentence??
Drunken oxygen。”
“Correct,The air there is definitely fresh,no,The more God doctor, the more you say,We have to go to see。”
Looking at a message from the live broadcast,Li Hui Feng is also some speechless。
He suddenly remembered the conversation with Zheng Mingshan。
He always feels that the thoughts of rural are too conservative,It is no longer able to keep three views unified with those children outside.,So many children will not come back。
And now him,What is often not becoming a new older life??
This idea is coming out.,Li Hui Feng himself is scared。
Unconsciously, he actually changed his own hate people.。
Think so,Li Hui said that there is a little released。
Because the history of the wheel is not what you want to stop, you can stop.,Only scroll together with the wheel,Even beyond the speed of the wheels can go at the foremost.。
From ancient times,As long as it is a historical wheel, the existence of the roller is a life.。
Only those ancients who have far exceeding the people,Nothing is a great man。
Although he is not a great man,But the most basic but I don’t want to be rolled by the wheel.。
“Hey-hey,I just joked it.,You are willing to come, I am very welcome.,But you have to come,I suggest it tomorrow spring or summer,It will have a fun, you will have no fun.,delicious,tasty drink。”
Li Hui’s smile suddenly blooms on the face,Don’t talk about the audience between live broadcast,Is the leaves of the leaves,Ye Double doubles are warmly warmed by Li Hui’s style.。
“Wow,It turns out that God’s brother laughs so good.。”
“Love,Love,God doctor is mine。”
“God doctor brother’s girlfriend passing。”
With Li Hui’s words,A smile,There is a change in the bar.。
And Li Hui Feng see the scribe content,It’s also smiling and looking up.。
“I have a girlfriend.,And many girlfriends,You like me, but prepare for the slag。”
Li Hui said that this is entirely from the heart.。
But the audience between the live broadcasts has all said nothing.。
Even Ye Double is also not trustworthy。
After all, they come here.,But I didn’t see Li Hui Feng’s so-called girlfriend.。
Li Huiye saw the scribe,More and more running,He also hurriedly put the live broadcast to Ye Double boat。

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