Although Wright doesn’t have a good impression of the four mythical beast family,But his father-in-law Barut also has a future in the family of the four mythical beasts,After all, it is equivalent to the bloodline of the second generation of Qinglong,Pass by the clan ancestral hall,Less than ten thousand years in the original,Ballut also stepped into the middle god,It’s not too far from the upper gods。

Anyway, people are safe。
After Wright talked with these gods,Rush them back directly,Only left O’Brien alone。
“Little Lane,Now your uncles、Is it still my sister and junior sister??”
“teacher,Both Uncle Carl and Uncle Maui are in the south of the empire。”
“Maui has also entered the sanctuary?”Wright’s eyes lit up,This old friend hadn’t entered the sanctuary before he left,Old age。。。I didn’t expect to turn around,Go straight to the sanctuary。
“Aunt Tina is out of luck,Did not step into the sanctuary,But her descendants have one,Now in the imperial capital。Because the strength is not strong,I arranged for them to serve as court nobles。”
“And Teacher Betty also stepped into the sanctuary,Later, like me, I asked for a lower godhead,Entered the plane of hell。”
Lai nodded,Although my sister didn’t step into the sanctuary,But this is something expected,My sister’s talent is still a bit short。It was a pleasant surprise for Junior Sister to step into the sanctuary,But in hell,Don’t know if you’re doing well。
“correct,Lane,Do the four ultimate fighter families still have people in our Yulan Continent??”Before the four ultimate fighters,Not much different from ordinary humans,Wright unless you use the soul’s careful penetration,Otherwise there is no difference,So he doesn’t know if there are still people in the Four God Beasts。
“some,teacher。The chief of the Dragon Blood Warrior family is called‘Hogg’,Live in the southern city‘Rhine City’In a nearby town,He is the lord of the town。”
Chapter 3 Dragon Blood Warrior Family
Baruch family,Is also a family with a very long history。
It is said that this family has a history of more than 5,000 years,But since an accident happened more than 3,000 years ago,The family is in decline。And 80 years ago,The previous generation of the Baruch family grew up to take an adventure in the South China Sea,Unfortunately,The family was hit again。
of course,Such a powerful family,Even if it falls。Still have strong connections。Earl of the Empire easily。

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