Francis did not detect at all,After all, in the wind flower festival,I also want to enjoy it.。

Wen Di is quiet to eat vegetables,From time to time, a fork extends to him.。
have to say,Although the food of the extrusive restaurant is better than you do,But it is not too much.。
After all, I have taught them a month.,The cook here also should have this level.。
Sitting a couple next to France,Very close。
Mainly a ring on the girl’s hand,Very bright。
This world has no diamonds,No need for the kind of garbage。
Precious metal or gold,However, there are still some special things.。
Such like Xu Xuan Tie,Nightbox,Stone, etc.。
If Francis is not wrong,The girl’s ring should be a star Xuan Tie,crystal,Emungered marrow is also made of Sprom。
Good price,Probably spend 300,000 models。
Buy a house in Mondic City!
Francis is really a bit,He has a bold idea。
Mondica,Wesky Cathedral。
Two people are sitting in the guardrail on the shoulders,Breeze。
Church behind,There are four black shadows that don’t turn your eyes.。
Looking at the two people,The breath of the piano and Lisa becomes rushing.。
Pair of the wall,Like empty,Don’t say a word。
Empty a distressed smile,What is this?!
Empty thinking, more dispersed,In his eyes,Two people on the guardrail are naturally replaced with empty and fluorescent。
I can’t help but think of my sister.,God becomes more sad。
Think of yourself a child,Thinking of my sister is taken away……
suddenly,“null”Come back,I saw a look behind the wall.。
The piano found that it is not strong.,Hurry up Lisa Run。
Feet,A slit smoke escapes the scene。
The sent empty is still in a daze,Travelers finally reacted,Feeling nothing。
I want to hide immediately.,But the footsteps of Francis and Weidi are getting closer.。
Weidi did not move,That is too moving.,So he chased the speed is not fast.。
Just jumped down the wall,Weidi came to the back of the church。
I suddenly can’t hear the footsteps.,Then he didn’t hesitate,Jumping fruit wine。
Pair also hurriedly keep up。
Win Di is looking down on the wall,Still don’t see people。
Empty potential water bottom,Dark road:so close,Almost famous。
If it is known to know the West Wind Knight Honor Knight Tracking,He didn’t come back to Monde in the future.!

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