“Let me down,Then talk slowly。”The teapot twisted his neck proudly。

Sure enough,Li Tianchou feels a headache,It’s not clear at all to be stuck by such characters,Only play sideways,“Talk about everything,That’s it for today,Please, buddy, you gave us a ride。”
“Are you sure you have no more talk?”The teapot’s complexion changed again。
Li Tianchou didn’t answer at all,I stretched my right hand and grabbed the neck of the teapot,The little finger is clasped tightly on the artery of the opponent’s neck,Makes him feel sore and unable to move。Then free up his left hand and reach out to Peng Weihua,”Can I still crawl??“
Peng Weihua lying on the ground neither shouts nor screams,Is actually building up strength,The pranks made this time are really worthless,Let his face have no place to rest,That’s why I have the idea of killing my life。I wanted to grab the teapot by surprise,But I didn’t expect Li Tianchou to stretch out a hand suddenly,Looking at the concerned eyes of the former silly apprentice,Peng Weihua’s heart is hot,Dispel the impulsive thoughts,“Can climb。”
“I’m blocking it with a meat shield,You and Zhu Lei meet。”Li Tianchou said,Observe the roof in the distance,It seems that the guy hasn’t moved since he got into trouble just now。
The teapot being pinched again is much more uncomfortable than before,I feel that Li Tianchou is unusually strong this time,Eager?He couldn’t keep up with his breath,The skin on the forehead has become purple,I’m afraid I’m going to return to the West after a while。
But Li Tianchou is just right,Seeing that the other party is about to roll his eyes,His hand strength immediately relaxed,So that the teapot can breathe,But just eased,Have not had time to speak,The neck is pinched again,So repeatedly,Li Tianchou just refused to let him speak normally。
The teapot is mad,At the beginning, I wanted to break Li Tianchou’s body into pieces.,Later, I lost my temper at all。The means demonstrated by the other party completely subverted his previous knowledge and cognition,I’m a good fighter,But he was played in the palm of his arm like a wombat,Shame is trivial,Self-confidence is destroyed。Why doesn’t he know tired?
Liangzi carried Peng Weihua on his back,Other people cover around,Quickly exited the square,Drilled out the iron fence。Li Tianchou slowly followed with the teapot,When you reach the fence, you won’t go back。At this time the teapot also followed from the brick wall,But no one dares to act rashly。
“gone,Headed。”Zhu Lei whispered a reminder outside the fence。
“Take everyone back first,I have something to do。If anyone doesn’t obey anymore,I can’t spare him。”Although Li Tianchou hasn’t looked back,But the tone is quite harsh,At least in Zhu Lei’s impression, this is the first time I heard him speak like this。I think Li Tianchou was really angry,Not only did you tell her,It’s also for people around him who can’t leave。
Zhu Lei is ashamed,Failed to stop everyone,Things are really bad,I almost got into trouble again,So he was cruel,Pull and kick the people around you away。
I feel that everyone has left the range of the sniper,Li Tianchou realized that he was also surrounded by teapot men,But he let go of the opponent without hesitation,And apologize,“Dude,Forced by form,I am willing to apologize。”
Hung in the air for a long time,Suffocated continuously again,The legs of the teapot are weak,Simply sat on the ground。Until breathing is smooth,He slowly got up,Rolling eyes and staring at Li Tianchou,Turn left,Turn right,Haven’t spoken for a long time。

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