“President Wang!The big forklift is broken,Need to change a screw。Director Liu said,Let back as soon as possible“Tian Wa gasped and said。In the mine, everyone’s wages and output are linked together,So everyone is very motivated,Almost no one is lazy,Even these people who do field work,Is also working hard for the mine。

Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“Ok!You go with me。After buying something,Take a taxi back by yourself,I haven’t been out for many days,Also thinking about going out“
Wang Youcai finished,Went back to the house to clean up,Then he opened the door and went in。Tian Wa took the key from Wang Youcai,said laughingly:“President Wang!Didn’t you say you want to buy a new car??When to buy?“
“This is not easy,Buy if you want!“Wang Youcai said very easily。Him now,I really have some money on hand。Let’s not talk about which card Hu Huiru gave him without a cap,He himself made more than 200,000 yuan in the mine last month,This made him happy for a long time。
More than two hundred thousand,If you want to buy a car, it’s not easy,But he understands,Be low-key。His money,It’s really not mentioned in front of the real boss。
To Pingdu,Wang Youcai broke up with Tianwa,He drove to the downstairs of Xishan Mining,When I was about to go upstairs,The phone rang at this moment。
Some people and things,I can’t help but think,This call is from Hu Huiru,Wang Youcai’s voice hasn’t been heard in a while。Wang Youcai hesitated,Then put the phone through。
“Boss Wang!This will get you through,Harder than winning the lottery。Come here soon!Let’s have lunch together at noon,The place is in Shonan,Remember not to be late“Hu Huiru finished,Without waiting for Wang Youcai to speak,Hung up。
Hu Huiru deserves to be the big boss,Making a phone call has always been so domineering,Don’t give others a chance to speak at all。Wang Youcai still knows her very well,So he didn’t get out of the car,But drove the car to the place where he often parked,Otherwise, I stopped at the wrong place,This fine is of course indispensable。
In the big private room,Just sit Hu Huiru alone。She smiled when she saw Wang Youcai:“I have been calling you for several days,Why can’t get through?“
“I have been in the mine this time,It’s normal to be unable to make a call“Wang Youcai said,So he sat opposite Hu Huiru。
This woman is outstanding。A white shirt as white as snow,With a short skirt that reaches the knee,Looks gentle and generous,Yet sexy。
Wang Youcai’s eyes looked at Hu Huiru for a while,I feel too late,Then asked with a smile:“Won’t it be the two of us!It feels a bit of a tryst“
“Shao lousy,I’m here to discuss important matters,So it can’t be crowded“Hu Huiru said seriously。
Wang Youcai sneered:“What matters?Make it so serious“
“Our enemy Xia Jian is back,So we have to discuss a countermeasure,Otherwise, this city has the participation of entrepreneurial groups,We won’t get any benefits“Hu Huiru smiled and said。
Wang Youcai glanced at Hu Huiru and said:“Venture Group’s Investment in Pingdu,Most are investments in agriculture,And you Dongsheng Group has occupied most of the country in Pingdu,So the startup group is not your opponent at all now,So Xia Jian came back when he came back!“
“Wrong, Mr. Wang!Venture Group Investment,First in Pingdu,If you remember correctly,They did not develop a real estate,But even though the entrepreneurial group didn’t make much money in this real estate,But they didn’t lose money either,Because as of now,All the houses here have been sold but none are left,This is in all of your flat cities,Is the best selling“Hu Huiru whispered。
For real estate investment,Wang Youcai really knows nothing。He just quietly heard that Hu Huiru said,He did not speak。Wait for Hu Huiru to finish,Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“What do you want me to do?,You just say“
“The land next to the park,Auction soon。I want to know who are participating in the auction of this land?You have to help me“Hu Huiru finally showed his trump card。

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