We have been row it for so long.,How can I have to let us buy some?。”

“Don’t worry,You can go to other supermarkets,I know that several supermarkets are sold.。”
I immediately said that Wang Chunli said that there were several supermarkets under Zhang Aizhi.。
The result is the same day,All supermarket strawberries are snapped up,A pound of 500 pieces of sturdy strawberry,Not only don’t sell it,Instead, it has become a rare goods in the market.。
night,Wang Chunli went back to put strawberries to talk to Wei Feng,When opening the door,She is stunned.。
It may be that Wei Feng has just been out of the bathhouse.,She feels that Wei Feng is very handsome today.,And it’s still a lot,Especially the big belly,At least one lap。
“husband,You are this?”
“Oh,I feel sweating,I took a shower.,what happened?”
Wei Feng does not understand why Wang Chunli will look at him with exciting eyes.。
“no,Didn’t you take a photo of the mirror??”
what happened?”
Said that Wei Feng also took it to the mirror.。
I feel that my face is very good.,Is it the cause of strawberries??”
Seeing Wei Feng did not find himself thin,Wang Chunli is also a speechless。
“You didn’t find you thin.?
You look at your stomach,At least a circle!”
Was Wang Chunli reminded this,Wei Feng also reacts。
“Wife,Don’t say,It’s really thin.,This year’s strawberries still have additional effects.,500 pounds I feel worthy of this price.,Maybe there is other effects, we don’t know.,Fortunately, more,Let’s take slow research later.,And I feel that we may still make money.。”
Wei Feng said this,It is also happy to be happy.。
Wanchun Li listened to Wei Feng this,I know what the Wei Feng is fighting.。
Do you want to sell some??”
“Yup,This time is out of stock,If I say that I can lose weight,A pound of strawberry a thousand pieces,Do you say that there is anyone wants??”
Wei Feng feels selling five hundred pounds,Many。
“Someone wants,Someone wants,But the average person can’t afford it.,too expensive。”
“Hey-hey,We find a box,Then a box is a pound,A beautiful girls, but there are many,One thousand pieces have a lot of wages than a month.,And one day only needs to eat one,Effective seven days,Think how it is a cost-effective sale?!”
For Wei Feng this idea,Wang Chunli does not stop。
the next day,Wei Feng took 5 pounds of strawberries to the supermarket door.,Then call it。
Didn’t be five minutes,As long as I heard that it was the magical strawberry yesterday.,He is directly around it.。
When you hear a thousand pieces of pound,Many people feel that Wei Feng is robbing money.。
But there is also a knowledge of Wei Feng.,It is the old uncle to find trouble that day.。
“Boy,How do I feel that you are so familiar?,We are not seeing?”
“Hey-hey,See,I bought five hundred pounds of strawberries that day.,As you want to return money,The effect of this strawberry is much more,Otherwise, I will not sell so expensive.,You look at me just a simple graze.,It’s already thin.。”

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