“what,try your best。”

Because Liao Wenjie suddenly raised moving,The atmosphere on the table is no longer so happy.,Cao Dada’s dog food is not so happy.。
He looked down the nose,Transfer words:“Ager,I heard that Axing gives you a brigade.,How is the situation??”
“This you know this?”
“joke,I am a hiking group,What kind of wind blows grass can escape my eyes。”
Cao Dawhua smiled dismissed,Fame:“How about it,Will it meet with the woman?,Bust is not crushing,How is your temper??”
“It has been seen twice today.,It is the Wu Luo’s police officer.。”
“Wu Luo said did not heard it.”
Cao Dahua shook his head,Look aroundMadaKing:“Lotus girl,Do you know this Miss Wu??”
“heard about it,She is a hard work,The head of the criminal group of West Kowloon Police Station。”
“Old yellow?”
Cao Dawei brows,The voice is dragged to show dissatisfaction。
“Ada,I did not mean,Lao Huang is my colleague before,Everyone ordinary friends。”
“Humph,Later, less and these people who don’t have three people,Did you hear that?”
“Um,I’ll listen to you。”
Liao Wenjie:
What is not three?,Huang Gu Di is very decent.!
“Ager,You and Miss Wu”
Cao Dawa took the finger head to make a picture:“how do you feel,Do you have a play??”
“No play。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Wu Luo is too strong,I really have to become a male and female friends.,Taking him with the extent to which girls like girls,Coupled with the pure personality of the girl
That is, there is iron shirt guard,Otherwise, three,Early and evening is broken。
“Why,Miss Wu is peaceful,Be unpleasant?”
“Nor,how to say”
Liao Wenjie thought:“Fate,I feel that everyone has no fate.,that’s it。”
“fine,You are so prostured,I can’t find my girlfriend.?”
Cao Dada comforts a sentence,CorrectMadaSay that:“Your nephew Ajie is now single,As a 婶 你 你 无 无 无,Is there a suitable girl?,Give him two thirty。”
“What to say,I really know one,She worked in my hand before,Good people, good people。”
MadaBrightly:“Ager,Do you want to think about it?,I will arrange for you.,She is called Long”
“Need not,At least a temporary。”

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