It should be a small cultivating altar,In order to keep the aura here,So we must restrict the entry of students,And students can exchange credits for qualifications to enter here。

Zhu Minglang is now 120 times the speed of aura cultivation。
But not all Dragon Shepherds have such objective spiritual nourishment,Those dragon shepherds whose spiritual realms are not strong enough,Then you can enter this small altar of cultivation,To improve the cultivation speed of dragon beasts in your spiritual realm。
unfortunately,The small holy pool on the peninsula is not very helpful to the dragon shepherd who owns the spiritual realm,It is estimated that the speed of practice will reach 125 times……
The efficiency is very small,You have to spend a lot of credits in exchange for entry qualifications,It’s not a good deal to Zhu Minglang。
“It seems you can bring Xiaoye Jiao here to practice,Unfortunately, there are no credits。”I wish Minglang think carefully,I feel that the help of this external spiritual small altar to the young spirit is obvious。
No one guards。
Could it be that the guard ran to catch the white witch moth on the sea???
Back again,A white witch moth is no less than a grain of golden sand,The safety floating on this sea is the gold everywhere gifted by nature,It’s really hard for normal people to resist this temptation。
This peninsula is small,It doesn’t take ten minutes to walk around,There is a small pool in the middle。
It is said that this was created by some powerful architects,The reefs around the peninsula can introduce the aura from the tides into the peninsula,And finally produce a small pool of altar water。
Soak in,The training speed will be greatly increased。

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