Su Wan is low and whispering。

Bloody world,Summer travels still not happiness。
soon,He chased one person,Steady,Character again35name!34name!33name!29name!People watching outside,Soon I noticed this scene。
Many people’s eyes have attracted the past。
after all,In many people’s concept,The strong person should work in the forefront.。
But now someone is surpassed from behind.,Just think that it is difficult to pay attention。
But here,Well-equivalent horror and vast。
It is the power of Tong Xuanjing to slow down speed.,Unable to fly quickly。
Summer is still chasing at a little bit。
Qianyu has already sat up,Stand up,Atmosphere, you can’t breathe.。
It’s just nervous than the summer in the game.。
At this moment, she,I am only looking forward to it and shocking。
An initial trimmer,It’s so stunning,Jumping in one fell swoop28name。
More than eight people,Can enter the first 20!summer,Come on!The heart of the thousand feathers shouted。
She originally competed for Tianshui Pavilion.,I suddenly saw a shining between this moment.。
at this time,She suddenly flying in the summer suddenly slowed down.。
And getting more slower。
This extent,It is quite difficult to step forward.。
At the end,Summer simply stopped,Two feet is three feet from the feet,It is like to bear the power of greatness,It’s hard to step forward.。
Half half,He no longer moves forward。
The heart of the thousand feathers fell to the bottom of the valley。
“Thousand feathers”Next to Su Mei is talking。
千 千 摇,“Summer is already excellent,Canada28,Already farther than my imagination,To know,He is just a big time in ten years ago.”Samui Zhang Zhang,Never say anything。
Lin Feng three people also downs。
“28name,Means of,Summer front27people,Have the opportunity to choose to enter the forty-nine peak”Su Chan looks to the side of the soul,Low voice,“Although the outside people don’t know the Qing Hao Wang is the Lord,But this world is like a thunderous ear.,Know the first、ninth、Thirty-sixth、Forty-nine、Seventy-two、The importance of the 1888 Shengfeng,How old is you saying that there is a chance to enter the forty-nine peak in summer??”
Gobian brow micro wrinkle,in silence。
for a long time,He suddenly,“Summer is ready。”
Su Chan and Lin Feng are looking at。
Gobian suddenly laughed,“You don’t all know the summer.,Although I have no evidence,But I dare to guarantee,28Name is not the limit of summer,The kid is mysterious?,Every time you have unexpected move。”
NS4129chapter He also needs to grow
Heavy water。
Inner layer space。
Two beautiful figure sitting in the cloud。
Waterbook in front of the two,Map all sights。
The people on the right are the master。
She randoms have a water,Reave later people,“Rock,Do you really want to spread the god??”
Luo Wao Lao is light。
“Madness is growing,One day will break through the seal of the heterogeneous space,This hard battle is from。”

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