“Continental,I don’t know what you mean.?”

ttSily,Before you don’t understand the truth of things,She will not say it easily。
ttWatching the handsome face,That looks a healthy body,Extraordinary。
Lu Hao Cheng has always been a male god in their hearts.,The salary of the Chast Group is very high,More, because you can see male http://www.yabela.cn gods in their hearts.。
As long as you can see a look every day,Will feel the red light,Sleeping at night is much more comfortable。
Lu Hao Cheng’s dark eyes overflow the wind of the wind:“not understand,Yes?
Intentional murder and theft,tt,You can’t come out for ten years.,I want to answer my question and answer.。”
ttSuddenly, I looked at him.,Scream:“Continental,Can you marry me like this?,I am in the Lu Group,I have always been conscientious,Never doing things that do not lush,This murderer doesn’t make more things。”
ttRighteousness to declare its own。
Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing have opposed an eye。
The two people havettUnclear emotions,Even Lu Hao Cheng,Her heart suddenly got a subtle fear。
Ou Jingyu took out the phone,Newspaper。
Blue Xin,It is also coming to the 25th floor with the fastest http://www.mobi-x3.cn speed.。
I heard Ou Jing, alarm,ttIt is not calm in an instant.。
“European secretary,What did I do??
Why do you want to call??”
ttExcited look at Oujing 尧,Then the eyes flashed with grievances。
European:“Our car is hit on the road.,The dress of the fashion show is also stolen.,And you,Just promise that others don’t go to the desk,so,This series of things,You are all ghosts,The purpose is to let this fashion show out。”
“what”ttGrandless eyes look at European,I didn’t expect things to become so serious.。
She is looking forward to quickly swept away Lu Hao Cheng’s grunge,Urgently explained:“Continental,I really don’t have any relationship with me.,I really didn’t do anything.。”
If things are really like Ou Jing,,So,In this industry,She really don’t want to do it again.,Lu Haocheng is absolutely,Let her never work in this industry。
after all,Here is indeed his world。
Blue Xin hits the door。
Hurriedly came in。
Lu Haocheng saw her panting,Junli is full of distressed。
“Blue,What to do so urgently,More tired?”
Lu Haocheng said,Give her a glass of water to her。
ttLook at Lu Hao Cheng’s Action,Almost eye-catching,The scorpion is full of not credible。
In front of them, they will always be a deep and unacceptable Lu Hao Cheng.,Since there will be such a gentle side。
And still to Blue Xin?
This Blue Xin just said that he listened so much.,She did not seduce Lu Haozheng,But what she see now??
These two people must be intimate than lover relationship。
Blue Xin took the water quickly and drunk,Also put the cup back in Lu Haozheng,Call out a breath,Only:“Lu Hao Cheng,Come to find someone,Be sure to find your clothes back。
I asked.,The master is not injured,The most important thing now is to look back in the clothes.,Those partners are all,There are also those reporters who have already arrived.。”

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