Staying up late and hurts the skin,Generally, it is unforgettable.,She will choose to stay up late。

Lu Hao Cheng was blown up.,I don’t talk about my face.。
Blue Xin is also happy to close。
Lu Haocheng looked at her side.,Sleeping late last night,I didn’t bother her to catch my eyes.。
Lu Haocheng has a hospital with Blue Xin to know,Appointment in the morning。
Blue Xin’s inspection,No queue,Specialized person to check。
That isBovertake,Testish blood,Is a pregnancy in the palace,Because time is short,Fets buds have not been seen,The doctor let her go a week later.。
Blue Xin is holdingBSuper picture,Go on a walk,Is a baby,She suddenly smiled.,A good,She said,How can people be lucky??
How can it be a triple child every time??
She just went out,I saw Lu Hao into a nervous standing outside the door.,See Blue Xin,He immediately exposed a smile,“Blue,How about it?
How is our baby??”
Blue Xin looks like he is so expected,Laugh:“Be a palace pregnancy,But I haven’t seen the fetal bud yet.,We have been checking a week.。”
“Oh oh oh.!”
Lu Haozheng nodded excitedly,I am relieved here.。
“Blue,Let’s go and eat,Can you be hungry now?。”
Lu Hao Cheng held her,I am afraid that she touched.。
Blue Xin bowed a time,Nodded,“Then we have finished eating,Go back to pick up them,We go to the amusement park today.。”
I used to save money,She rarely takes children to go to the amusement park.。
Now they have a rich father,This dream,Can be realized。
“Row,Let’s have a meal back to bring them four together.。”
Lu Haoge’s look is gentle than ever.,Previous weekend,He is not overtime, he is sleeping at home.。
And now,One of his people is not lonely.。
Two people went to eat breakfast,I will go back to play with four children.。
Lu Si is also unlucky,Sleep with Le Yu。
Qinning,Just eat breakfast,I received a call from Jiang’an.。
“lady,Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin went to the hospital.,But this hospital,Let’s take a closer look.,The chairman of the land doesn’t seem to be in this hospital.,Blue Xin seems to be a checkup。”
Qin Ningyi,Blind,Have you listened to it??
Jiang’an said,Blue Xin to do a checkup,Blue Xin is pregnant,This Qinning doesn’t believe it again.:“Anger,What you just mean is,Blue Xin to do a birth check?
you sure?”
Jiang’an:“lady,This thing can be determined,Blue Xin is indeed a checkup,After the birth check,The two will go back after eating.。”
Qin Ning is a little trembling,How long have two people??
Blue Xin has a pregnancy。
There are three not enough,Is it still born now??
“Continue to trace the drops of the chairman,Before the next board,We must find the chairman。”
Qin Ning’s words are strict,If you can’t find Lu Wei,She can only use her own way.。
Jiang’an:“Yes,lady,We have been trying to investigate,Soon there will be news,Lady gives us some time。”
Qin Ningzhen:“Um!”
immediately,She hangs on the phone。

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