This guy has returned to the regional center he is responsible.。

Change,The other two should return.,Then I will be submitted,Mutual publicity to the situation of the area。
At this moment, this guy is holding a message.,Improving the colored face。
Obvious,He has contacted two people killed,But the message is not reactive。
“call out!”
Summer does not hesitate to bend bow,Cold shot。
Four products Iron Arrows have not faltered,The naked eye is difficult to capture。
too fast。
That martial author Hawoo,Feeling a big danger,Ben’s inerterial body body,There are also a long sword in your hands.。
but,Still late。
A iron arrow is like a void,Gently, Qiao Cave wear his body strength,嗤 嗤,Inside the eyebrow。
He didn’t even hurry.,The body is flying back by a huge force。
Summer launching flame,Extension,Put the body,Then the original road returns。
He once again quietly came to the hill where the life of the life and death。
Goats are still here,But no longer standing,It is sitting in a conspicuous place.。
Summer is not eager to shoot。
Quiet waiting opportunity。
Be right!Kill three people,Absolutely exposed。
Before leaving,He wants to quantify the strength of the life and death。
Not in the summer, I don’t know how to advance,But four big bow and iron arrow,And the five sets of controversy gave him a lot of confidence。
And he is grasped,Even if you can’t kill each other,Can also take time difference,Full body。
This goat hoe is powerful although the breath fluctuates,But it is only the early days of life and death。
Just like it to practice!really。
Just stood,Going sheep elder brow picking one pick,There are many newsmarks in your hands.。
He explored him,Then change color。
Two people left before,It is very likely to be aware of,Unable to contact the other three,I certainly do something。
“call”Goat hosae slammed up,Rotating and getting up。
Turn it back in half-air,Adjusting inertia,Ready to rush to the exotime。
In this moment,Summer shot。
“call out”、“call out”、“call out”。
Three four products,Tapered,Carrying a harshone,Ignore。

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