Inch youth then mourning opportunities,It seems that I want to take this hidden。

Summer is cold and cold,Pick up a dagger again,Bump,Tie on another leg。
“You want to play?Laozi will play with you today.!”
Speech,Summer picked up the third hand of dagger,Tsing his chest。
“do not want……I say,I am talking about!”
Dramatic pain,Plus the people’s killing,Let the Youth have collapsed immediately.。
“It is a lot of seedlings……All this is behind the seedlings, refers to me.,Forgive……”
Fall into。
Those students behind a short mistake,Qi brush to turn his eyes to Miao,Complex look。
Drinking seedlings,Face a blue white,Mouth convulsion,Eyelids,Even the body is gently shakingly shaking。
Even if you are so embarrassed in summer,He also has a hopes,I haven’t thought of it.,Inch youth only persisted more than ten seconds,If you don’t hesitate to sell yourself。
“Take a passage of things,Don’t miss the details。”
I didn’t see the seedlings in the summer.,Stateing youth,Naturally cold drink,“Tell a word less,Laozi is living today.!”
Now now,The head youth is said.。
He knows that it is awkward,If you have a few knives,I’m going to explain here.,That is too embarrassed.。
“He says……You are his classmate,Also his opponent,I want me to teach you.,At once,Just after you come out and that woman,he,He let me cooperate with acting,By the way, you……”
This kind of trick,Said that wearing it is not complicated,Even more simply。
But can not deny,sometimes,Simple but you can get the best results。
First let Youth Youth Blood Nozzle,Miao Xiangming the hero to save the United States,By the way, the young people cooperate,Thoroughly forced the summer to the road。
Thus,It can be said that you can。
At the time,Summer and Su Meng Meng,And he not only gains Su Mengmeng good feelings,Maybe you can further。
It’s not good to discover the summer.,If he has a pair of fists,I will definitely be returned afterwards.。
Su Mengmeng’s pretty face, I don’t know when I’m covered with cold frost.。
And surrounded by classmates,It is also difficult to see the pole in a face.,It can be said that it is anger and anger.。
How can they not understand?,These people have been exploited by Miao.。
Also think of before the summer is accused,I can’t help but pass on the face of everyone.。
disgust,anger,ashamed,regret……Heavy emotions intertwined together,Simply complex to the extreme。
“Seedling,I have told you.,This kind of child’s childish trick,Don’t take it out in the future.,look……I am still harmful now.。”
Summer face is full of funny smiles,It’s just that dark scorpion is never laughing.。

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