Yue Lingxi and Tang Yi return to the office,Two people are excited and happy,After all, win a bloody battle.,Can you be unhappy??

Tang Yiyi just didn’t shake,Now I shake up,“Xixi,My feet are trembled.。”
Yue Lingxi bowed,Sure enough,She smiled very happy。
“Depend,Why are you so no interest??”
Tang Yi Yinghong face:“Xixi,I am the first time I win.,Can I be unhappy??Can I not excited??Just, I have been tight.,Feeling that you can’t afford it,Now a relaxation,Rapid heartbeat,Legs,Even the head is http://www.ynlccg.cn in the head.,I really haven’t used it.。 ”
When Song Yusheng came in,I heard the words of Tang Yiyi.,He can’t help but laugh.。
“Tang Assistant,Your state is the same as I just enter society.,When you are, it’s brave.,After waiting, you are like this.。”
Song Xiao smiled,Walk toward two people。
Yue Lingxi:“Song Assistant,How come you come?”
Song Yu:“The president said that you have two hardships.,Let me send you two glasses of burning grass and press the shock。”
“哇!真是太爽了,这冰冰凉凉的感觉 ,激发了我的斗志。”
唐依依又满脸享受的吸了一口奶茶,才看着慢吞吞喝奶茶的悦灵溪,“溪溪,这一次你一定要努力,一定要得到设计总监的位置,这样大家就不敢欺负你了。 ”
“你要相信你的设计是很独特的,就像前任设计总监,总裁的妈妈,Her design has its own unique style,I will stand in the clothing industry.。”
“But you are too,The president is unique,Ten thousand people pick you,This is your ability.。”
Yue Lingxi listened to this, I am very happy.。
“Wait for autumn,I will know the result.。”She only seeks a stable job.,Do things you like to do,that’s enough。
People are too greedy, there will be endless desires.,Desire will swallow the initial heart,Changed the original one,This is the most terrible。
NS2424chapter Sweet dating
NS2424chapter:Sweet dating
after get off work,Tang Yiyi has something,I will go first.。
Yue Lingxi agreed to Lu Wei to go to his apartment,Go to the garage and other Lu Weijun。
Lu Weijun is dating and the Yue Lingxi,I have been working hard。
http://www.mylcfs.cn Time,He let Song Hao go home first.,As for the two people who are resigned,He has already tracked the professionals.。
He went to the underground garage to pick up the spirits together.。
Just entered the elevator,I received a phone call.,“Ran Ran。”
“elder brother,Did you get off work??”

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