Han Jiang and De Lisa have a look,De Lisa is chasing。

Han Jiang just ran two steps and retired back,Going back to the room,“Can you lose you here?。”
Eighthighing behind Hanjiang,Say in the Hanjiang ear:“Mr. Han Jiang doesn’t take me,Go help my sister,If it is still a soul state, I can help you resist the evil spirits.,Now that I have it is completely cumbersome.。”
“I am afraid of evil gods to manipulate the villagers to hurt you.,Follow us more secure。”
The hostel is not much distance from the shrine.,Han Jiang is full of race, the speed is not slow,Arrive at the shrine,Innight Pills just agglomerated。
At this time, the villagers who left the eight government are not far away.,Seeing the eight major cherry people rushing to the shrine。
Shrine has a high step,Because of the relationship between visual difference,The villager did not see the cohesive figure,I only take care of it, don’t escape.。
“Do you know what you are doing??”
Huaile Pills are huge,Fur red white,The sound reveals that there is no longevity。
“Make more!”
Eight Ocean Sakura already has a dead heart,Will not be here and ink ink,Sword。
De Lisa in the side is weak,Can only worry。
Hanjiang the eight heavy cold on the side says:“You should take care first,I am going to help.。”
Eight Big Sakura and Zhuolong Pill,A pressed erosion。
Han Jiang is barely reachedBLevel people http://www.fuming365.cn are only one death,It is better to say that he is better to say that the system can use the system to absorb the collapse of the eight heavy cherry around the battlefield.。
Sudden,A black smoke wrapped in the body of Hanjiang。
One time,Han Jiang feels violent,anxiety,sad,Various negative emotions swept。
“Ding:Discover special collapse,Fusion cracking energy,Have a trace fire property,Have part of partial erosion。”
“Ding:Absorb specific collapse,Itself can collapse222”
As the system ringtone sounds,Han Jiang calm down,Touching the cold sweat on a head。
It is worthy of being proficient in the heart of the heart.,Just contact, let Hanjiang feel various emotions.,If there is no system Han Jiang’s own mood, it will collapse.。
“See,What is the witch??”
The villagers have already boarded the shrine steps,http://www.iotsecu.cnSee the eight-heavy cherry that is fighting with the urshamp,Outpeak of a frightened look。
So a large number of villagers fell to the ground,I will ask for mercy to the Phambush Pill,Request God。
Hanjiang problem solved by the system,But De Lisa is not so good.。
Eight of the Eight Dresses the Dresis Lisa very urgent,I can only watch it.,Can’t help De Lisa。
“The ability of the evil spirits is to enlarge the dark side of the people.,If you can’t resist,Then, will become the embarrassment of evil spirits.。”Eight high-spirited。
At this time, the name of the Village, the controlled pill has rushed to the fear and De Lisa.,Hanjiang, Hanjiang, in the face of holy marks,There is no more embarrassment in my heart.。
Chapter 33 Hand in hand
Eight of the eight, the direction of the sky called。
http://www.fuekang.cn Hanjiang Li Ma a arm Teresa,An arm eight,I will run with them.。
Front of the feet,There is a fireball falling behind the feet.,Hot waves straight to the back of Hanjiang。
Several villagers rushed to Hanjiang were smashed by a fireball,A moment of arms legs,Body is black and black。
“stop,Don’t hurt them!”Eight Cherry Sakura Selling the fireball shouted。

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