“It is also a face for the city.,Script is dead, the name of the ruined,I will http://www.ks-terminals.cn definitely return the name.。”

There is one thing that exhibits exquisite.,If Chengda’s city and water must face,I won’t make this place to make this look.。
The government has also been hanged by them.;within one year。
Lin rang throws the book on the ground:
“Go ahead!”
The book is biting to the Temple to run.。
“Exhibition city。You look at the magnificent lakeside,My temple is there。”
“My Chenghuang Temple should have not been flooded.!”
Exhibition is more worried。
Otherwise, she is not too pitiful.?
“Chenghuang Temple!Be dismantled,Become a Shuimin Temple。”
I have dismantled the town temple,I have never heard of someone to do this.。
“Because the previous city,So the people are deeply sick,Demolition of Chenghuang Temple,I don’t know if there is any fish.。”
http://www.sdminker.cn Staring in the exhibition:
“I,what should I do?Where is the night??”
“Temple of the water。Everyone is in Yunzhou,Help each other。”
“Do not,Do not。How can the city can live in the water temple?。”
Excellent exquisite, don’t want to send a fence,Both eyes around,See a temple,Say:
“That is not a city temple?”
Lin loudly,Received by his eyes,It is indeed an abandoned city。
How to miss the fish??:
“How can you live in that place??”
“A deity makes a mountain, not its altitude,Water is not deep,Dragon http://www.thlcz.cnSpirit。I will let the people will be willing to take the Chenghuang Temple.。”
“Since I am so I have to force you.,Consumption。”
Lin responded to the exhibition of exhibition into the battle of the city,He returned to his own water。
The fishing girl saw him,Say:
“Sweet。Yunzhou House has sent a big water,Will there will be plague??”
“Of course there will be。You tell everyone,Yunzhou has a new city.,Let them all people,The ground on the ground is looking for a city。”
“Dictionary is that the water monarch saved the people of Yunzhou.,Why is it,There is also the city’s thick face。”
Fishing little sister is angry。
“Not。She didn’t come.。”
Lin Yong gives the fishing girl from the city of Chengdao.。
“what is this?”

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