The rest of the experts have attached。

Mike’s face is somewhat gloomy。
Now now,He can only nod,“Good,Check,I will defeat you with facts.,Prove that you are a liar。”
Summer is a touch of smile,I didn’t look at him.。
This ignorant attitude makes Mike more angry。
“Good,Since you agree,I will arrange it right away.。”
Sun Youde’s voice came,“In order to ensure the notarization,This time,I want to ask another ten people with me.。”
He looks to another nine people,“Let us supervise the whole process,Everyone has no opinion.。”
“No problem。”
Everyone has attached。
Sun Youde also looked at everyone in the field,“In addition,Trouble out here waiting for a moment,Mr. Xia and Mike Doctors have to stay here,No problem.。”
“No problem。”
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First1687Chapter Roll
Sun Youde and other ten Chinese and foreign experts left the meeting room.。
At the same time, fifteen patient volunteers left.。
The rest of the patient returned to each ward。
Yang Haiming followed the expert in a comprehensive medical examination。
Waiting them,The atmosphere of the meeting room has become a very strange。
Very quiet。
But this quiet and gradually becomes slow,Soon quickly returned to normal。
Many experts are discussing whispers。
Someone supports summer,Someone supports Mike,I don’t know what happened.,Discussion has become a debate。
The conference room is also divided into two factions。
It is worth mentioning.,Not all the experts from Zhongshan Hospital support summer。
Not all foreign experts support Mike。
Among them, Physicians are most active.。
He sits next to the microphone,Laminated,“Mr. Mike,You see that there is a light cloud that is sitting in the summer.,I really thought that he would win.。”
Mike laughs。
His smile is a bit reluctant,Not as confident in the initial。
But let’s say that it will not be an immersion,“He is a loser,Even the advanced equipment is inspected, no early cancer,I don’t think it can be seen with a pair of eyes.。”
“Be right,I think so too.。”
Zhang doctor flashing in the eyes,Laugh,“It’s better to talk to him in the past.?”
Mike stunned,Spirally laughing,“Okay.。”

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