Summer face is looking at them,The sound is not high,But it seems that it is from nine.,“There are also people threaten me in a variety of dark means.,I want me to succumb……”

Wood and Irene’s face changed。
They feel faintly。
“If my friend is dead,I will revenge for them.,but now,You two hybrids,Laozi wants you thousands of knives!”
Voice is just,Wrist shake。
A short blade that is like a knife is like a sword is in the hands,The above is a long suffering。
Summer heart is completely excited,The horrible murderous spread,It’s like killing gain,Can’t die。
NS1027chapter angry
Genius this site address:(Vertex “in Chinese),Quick update!Noble!
Pose a threat,Facing the conspiracy trick,Face two disdainful and fascinating smiles……
Summer responded in action。
The murderous murder of the ready-made murderous is like a cold winter!
The accumulated 戾 戾 他 他 红!
Summer is not a ruthless person,Not not waiting to live and die and safety。
But these people once again for his friend again.,He can protect several times!
in this world,There are always some hybrids that he is weak and bullying.。
Have a well from the hometown eight years,Every day in the end of life and death,People do not have a ghosts in this crazy bloodthirsty world,Try to overthrow a hegemonic force in the smirk and desperation of others。
It’s easy to stabilize now.,Just want to live quietly a period of time,It is also necessary to be deceived once a time.?
Then come on.。
Do not die! “Bamboo。”
His body is broken in place,It’s like shooting a picture loss, which is generally distorted.。
It is like a picture that is unlimited.。
See this scene,Wood and Irene face suddenly changed。
Never thought of,Summer is actually this strong and tough,It turned out to be unpredictable……This is different from what they imagine。
In fact,Just when the summer showed the snake knife,They will predict nothing。
According to rumors,Killing god rarely uses weapons。
And each snake knife appears,He will predict a bloody slaughter。
He wants to kill people!
This is where they are in one thousandth.,All sensory premonition messages。
So in the summer, two knives,The faster back of the two,At the same time。

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