The financial revenue in Fujian Province in October continued to grow faster

According to the statistics of financial express, January-October, Fujian Province fiscal revenue continued to maintain two digits, the general public budget of the province completes billion yuan, year-on-year growth rate; local general public budget revenue completed billion yuan, year-on-year growth%. From tax revenue, the province’s tax income billion is increased year-on-year. In terms of industries, the secondary industry tax billion, year-on-year increase, accounting for the tax revenue. Among them, the manufacturing tax accumulated increased by 19%, and the secondary industrial tax increase is a percentage point, and the growth rate for the second industrial tax growth is%.

The tertiary tax billion, year-on-year increase, accounting for the specific gravity of tax income.

Among them, scientific research and technical service industry increased year-on-year, lease and business service industry increased by 47% year-on-year, information transmission, software and information technology service industry increased year-on-year, the wholesale and retail industry increased year-on-year, and the real estate industry increased year-on-year growth. Turn the third industry tax increase in 15 percentage points.

At the same time, the key expenditure is guaranteed.

The province’s general public budget expenditure billion yuan, year-on-year growth, completed% of the year budget. Among them, the people’s livelihood expenditure accounts for more than 70%.

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