Speaking of "Materia Medica Yunnan" story enhanced green development

Original title: Telling "The" Materia Medica Yunnan "story enhanced green development" In 2020, the province’s Chinese herbal medicine planting is 10,000 mu, agricultural output value has nearly 39.8 billion yuan.

"Yang Sheng is using" blowout growth "to describe the development of Yunnan Chinese herbal medicine industry. As the chief scientist of the modern agricultural industrial technology system of Chinese herbal medicines in Yunnan Province, Yang Sheng is more than 20 years to study the Yunnan Road, special medicine plant, in medicine Many research results in plant function genomics, pharmaceutical plant species.

In his view, Chinese herbal medicines are valuable resources in the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine, and is also an important part of biodiversity resources.

The General Assembly passed the "Kunming Declaration", and the high level will be promoted to increase the work of biodiversity protection, bringing significant opportunities for Yunnan’s development of the biological resource industry represented by the Chinese herbal medicine industry.

"Kunming Declaration" proposes that biodiversity is protected and sustainable, and the benefits of genetic resources are used to be fair and fair sharing, which is an indispensable part of sustainable development.

Yunnan terrain is diverse, the climate is diverse, the biodiversity, rich and diverse biological resources have 7,215 important resources, which has become the largest Chinese herbal medicine industry in the country.

"By germling innovation to create Yunnan high-quality Chinese herbal medicinal planting base, talk about the" Materia Medica Yunnan ", is an important path to protect and utilize the precious biological resources of Yunnan, and realize the important path of green development." Yang Sheng said. Scientific research innovation is an important support for the high quality development in the pharmaceutical plant industry. Yang Shengchao introduced that the history of Chinese herbal medicines is short, mostly the natural groups that have not been breached, and the quality of medicinal materials is uneven. Prior to 2010, the new varieties of Chinese herbal medicines in Yunnan were mostly used as small farmers, and the production area is behind.

"Strengthen research and research, master the principles of drugs, improve the quality of medicinal materials, and is the only way to promote the development of ‘cloud drug’ industrialization.

"He said.

Established the largest three-seven-kind resource library, identify and evaluate germplasm materials every year; 3 seven series, 4 series of Miao Township Equisical and nine new varieties / good species, of which the episode of ‘Miao Township Anti-Qi No. 1’ Roots has decreased by more than 30%; the total synthesis of important pharmaceutical monomeric lamps in the first time is the first time to produce lamps. Provide new ways; based on the new variety of high-quality lamps, the first pharmaceutical plant variety system, integrated and non-pollution-free cultivation technology, established the national standard of Honghe Lancua, and created the Red River Laundi … Focus production Safe, effective Chinese herbal medicine, Yang Sheng Chao and team have continuously strengthened research and technical research in geological resources, medicinal plant function genome, and strongly promoted the development of "cloud drug". "We must protect, use good valuable biological resources, walk green sustainable development roads, can keep the ecological environment for a long time, enhance the people’s well-being." Yang Shengchao said that it hopes to support the food standards such as good species, cultivation technology and local characteristics. Drive more people in the green industry to get rich. (Reporter Yan Yinning) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing more people see.

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