Putin see Wedge warning to threat

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, December 7 (International Observation) Putin, Putin, said that the New Huaji reporter Yan Pengyu Russian President Putin held a video meeting on the 7th of US President, and the two sides focused on the situation in Ukraine, but the previous two Geneva The implementation of the results, Iranian nuclear issues, network information security, etc. are exchanged.

Analysts believe that the recent Russia is in the Ukrainian issue in the Ukrainian issue. This meeting, the attitude of both sides is tough, and each said, how can the Ukrainian situation develop hard to expect.

Moreover, there is fundamental, strategic contradiction between Russia, which is difficult to improve the tension between the two countries.

It does not make each other, the Russian-American leaders meet the situation of the Russian Wulforder. The United States and Ukraine said that Russia gathered a large number of troops in the border area and violated Ukrainian potentials. The Russian government says that NATO-headed NATO continues to threatens the safety of Russia border, and Russia has the right to mobilize the troops in the territory to defend territorial safety, but inadvertently conflict with other countries.

In this context, Ukraine issues become the central issue of this Russian-American leaders’ video meeting.

Putin said that the responsibility of Ukraine’s eastern situation should not be blamed in Russia, because NATO is trying to conquer Ukraine territory and continuously expand the military power to the vicinity of the Russian border.

Russia wants to achieve reliable legal guarantees to prevent NATO to further easily expand and deploy offensive weapons in Russia neighboring countries.

Biden said that the United States and its European allies have strengthened Russia to strengthen military deployment in Russia in Russia.

If the Russian party takes military upgrade, it will face the "strong" economic sanctions and other responses to the United States and its ally.

At the press conference heard later, the US President National Security Affairs Assistant Sandy said that if Russia will take military action against Wu, the United States will increase the defense assistance to Ukraine to strengthen its defense, and "actively respond" NATO Collection requested by allies may propose. Analysts pointed out that in Ukrainian issues, Russia is huge, and it is difficult to coordinate. In this meeting, both sides were more eye-catching relative, mutual unhabeling, and how the Ukraine situation will still be interpreted.

Contradictions are difficult to understand that Putin also said in the meeting. At present, the bilateral cooperation between Russia and the United States is not satisfactory, mainly in the difficulties of diplomacy in the two countries, and this is caused by the United States.

President President President Peskov pointed out that the contradiction between Russia and the United States is fundamental and strategic, and it is impossible to resolve it. Sergeant, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute, the research institute of the International Relations, believes that after Biden is trying to reshape the Atlantic partnership and reduce the interest of the EU to improve the relationship between Russia, this exacerbates the situation of NATO and Russia confrontation . In addition, the United States tried to use Ukrainian problems, raising the influence in the former Soviet area, directly violated the geopolitical interests of Russia, which is absolutely not allowed by Russia.

Vladimir Vasilyev, the Chief Researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that considering the anti-Russian emotions in the United States, as well as the serious differences on the parties in Russia’s opposition people, Belarus, human rights, etc. The structural contradictions of Russian strategic conflicts are difficult, interaction cannot bring breakthroughs for Russian and American tension, and the game between the two sides in various fields will continue.

Kisili also pointed out that the NATO Eastward agreement proposed by the Russian side, but also depends on the United States but also depends on the attitude of NATO and other relevant countries. However, these countries are almost impossible to make guarantees on the legal level in Russia, and will not agree to the NATO operations to be bound by Russia.

Ivan Sa Francuki, an international issue of Moscow International Relations, pointed out that Russian relations will not never rebound. Russia should have a substantial contact with the United States from the stable perspective and use this to prevent the other party to avoid strategic misjudgment or more serious bilateral relations "derailment".

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