The trade district of the trade area is open for 2020

Original title: The trade district of the trade district, the leader of the trade district, and then upgraded the openness of my country’s external open and re-enrollment journey.

On December 31, 2019, the "Foreign Investment Law Implementation Regulations" is announced, and many important laws and regulations such as "Foreign Investment Law", "Explanations of Foreign Investment Law" are implemented on January 1, 2020, together The Important Support of my country ‘s Legal Business Environment. On this basis, my country is still brewing more open upgrade initiatives.

"Economic Report" reporter learned that my country will continue to reduce negative lists, add to encourage directory, and further expand market access through "one reduction and one increase". It is worth noting that the self-trade test area and free trade port as an open frontier position is being accelerating the first trial of the system reform, and there is more open initiatives to explore the paving.

From the beginning of the year, the "Foreign Investment Law" adopted by the National Edition and Self-employed Test Area of ??the National Edition and the Self-Trade Test Area, which was released in the year, and the 2019 version of the company’s encouraged foreign investment industrial catalog, and then introduced to the "further" Good Use Foreign Work Opinions "(China Fa 23)," Explanation of Executive Law of Foreign Investment Law "and freshly released" Foreign Investment Method Implementation Regulations "

"Overall, compared with the previous year, 2019 is the most open initiative in my country, the opening up is the largest, the open level, has formed a ‘combination of the" combination of foreign investment ", which is powerful. Investment confidence and expectations, effectively guarantee the realization of all-year steady foreign investment goals. "At recented National Business Work Conference Media Blow, Chang Changqing, the foreign division of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

The reporter learned in the blowpan, since 2019, the Ministry of Commerce has led the national foreign-related regulations to clean up, national revised and abolished regulations that do not match the foreign investment law, and provide a smooth implementation of foreign investment law.

Among them, the Ministry of Commerce has abolished 86 regulations related to foreign-invested department regulations and normative documents. On the day of December 31, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce issued a number of laws such as "automatic import license management implementation rules for foreign investment enterprises" "Automatic Investment Enterprises Administrative Measures for Foreign Investment Mineral Exploration Enterprises" Decision of regulations. On the same day, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, issued a new version of the "Foreign Investment Information Report Measures", guiding foreign investors and foreign investment companies to facilitate convenience and accurate reporting information.

With a series of open initiatives, it is strongly stabilized for foreign investment confidence and expectations, and effectively guarantees the realization of all-year steady foreign investment goals. Zong Changqing said that according to statistics, from January to November 2019, the national actual use of foreign capital, year-on-year growth, expected to increase by 5% by RMB.

Among them, 722 large projects above $ 100 million, growing%.

It is worth noting that the score of the self-trade test area is particularly remarkable. Tang Wenhong, Hong Kong Director of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced that January-October 2019 100 million yuan. "Do not reach thousands of countries in the country, achieving national investment and% import and export, which makes a positive contribution to stabilizing foreign trade and stabilization.

"Tang Wenhong said. Some analysts pointed out that the current total amount of global multinational investment is still lower, the increasing competition is increasing, and the uncertainty of steady foreign investment is increased.

In the face of complex international environments, greater strength, deeper reform and opening up is the fundamental way of my country’s development.

As the frontier position of my country’s open-edge positions, the trade-in and free trade ports will also assume more tasks that are first try.

For the next specific open initiative, each department has begun deployment.

Zong Changqing revealed that my country will continue to reduce negative lists, add to encourage directory, and further expand market access through "one reduction and one increase". In addition, we will also establish and improve the working mechanism of foreign investment service system and foreign-funded enterprises, and effectively safeguard legitimate rights and interests of foreign companies.

As an open "pressure test area", the self-trade test area is brewing a bigger breakthrough in the negative list system. Tang Wenhong said that the Ministry of Commerce will further reduce the negative list of foreign investment advice in the self-trade test area, explore the establishment of cross-border service trade negative list management system in the self-trade test area, and promote rules, regulations, management, standards In order to achieve higher levels of experience in achieving higher levels of experience in achieving higher levels of experience.

For the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, Tang Wenhong revealed that Hainan Free Trade Port will highlight freedom and trade freedom, implement market access commitments, improve the property rights protection system, adhere to financial services solid economies, and implement more open Convenient entry and exit and stop residence policies, establish a special tax system with international competitiveness, establish supervision standards and normative systems with internationally engaged.

"Currently, my country is open to institutional types such as goods and feature flow types, which pay more attention to institutional, structural arrangements.

"China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, Chic Fulin said to the" Economic Report "reporter that promoting the development of institutional types, it is important to build marketization, rule of law, and internationalized business environment as government governance changes. Guide. Beilacin pointed out that in recent years, China’s business environment has improved significantly, and the global ranking has increased significantly.

However, there is still some indicators in my country with a big gap between the international advanced level. Promote the opening up of the system, need to have the national advanced level in the business environment, further replenish the short board.

For example, in terms of tax cuts, it focuses on institutional transaction costs, further down-regulation or canceling various costs; fully implementing the company’s independent registration system and the simple cancellation system, canceling the corporate general investment project to prepare for the system, and fully implement "up to run." (Wang Wenbo) (Editor: Wooden Yucheng, Xu before).

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