People’s Lecture Hall, Frontier: Digital China Wisdom Society

The government’s governance should be suitable for local conditions and fully combine the needs of the actual situation of the city. After urban wisdom management, visualization, controllable, intelligent make the city can predict, can be evaluated, can continue to optimize the city, and improve the efficiency of work, now there are many office, solve problems, do not go out Solving the problem online, this is now the new look of digital cities and smart cities now. And all our companies use smart cities to reorganize production resources, improve business models, get greater benefits, and can reduce pollution. From birth, medical, education, employment, marriage, maternity, pension, and life, can enjoy the service of smart cities, and improve the happiness of residents.

In the real city, there is a problem that the intelligent management of smart cities can not solve the problem.

For example, the urban ground is sinking, the influence of the upper surface of the oversized city is getting bigger, the resistance to flood rainfall is reduced; and more and more people working in large urban residents, the phenomenon of dunks, living to improve conditions; infrastructure Do not go to the development of the city, etc..

These problems, smart cities can not solve, go back to the real city, caught in the city’s design, planning, and infrastructure construction.

We use the means of modern informationization and artificial intelligence, play our strengths and strengths, gather the Chinese wisdom, build digital China, and promote the development of digital economy.

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