Suzhou Wujiang Development Zone aims at the intelligent manufacturing force push manufacturing "intelligence reform"

"In 2021, Wujiang Development Zone plans to take the lead in achieving industrial ‘智 数 转’ full coverage." April 27th to 28th, Intelligent Manufacturing Talents Training Summit Forum and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technical Skills Standards Seminar In Suzhou Wujiang, Wang Wei, deputy director of the Wujiang District Commission, and the Deputy Director of the Director of the Wuc Development Zone, and the deputy director of the Management Committee said that the intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of the Wujiang Development Zone, and in 2021 "Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone promotes manufacturing intelligent transformation and digital transformation three-year action plan (2021-2023).

Talent leaders, learning for the future. This forum is at the heart of the technology frontier development direction in the intelligent manufacturing field, combining the strategic deployment of the long triangulation of the integrated development and digital economic development, and study the programs of talent training and evaluation of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, and explore the future development of intelligent manufacturing. International Competitiveness of Innovative Talents Training Mode. Director, Professor, Professor, Director of the New Industrial Education Center of Tianjin University, said that the development of intelligent manufacturing industries is an inevitable trend of manufacturing development, and vigorously promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing is the strategic development direction of the country. As a long-term ecological green integrated development demonstration area, Wujiang is the main carrying area of ??Suzhou intelligent manufacturing, and it is also a Zone of Jiangsu. In recent years, Wujiang Development Zone is aiming at intelligent manufacturing, accelerating the "machine change", cultivated a group of innovative leading enterprises and "Science and Technology Little Giants" represented by Bowen, Mai, Green Control, etc.

At present, Wujiang Development Zone has 51 provincial intelligent workshops, 2 provincial intelligent factory, 58 star online enterprises, 9 national and provincial intelligent manufacturing field demonstration projects, intelligent industrial development levels ranks in front of the province, The first batch of "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing" special industry base in Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Triangle G60 Science Corridor Industrial Internet Beam Park.

Tan Guoming, deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Suzhou City, said that talent resources are the first resource supported.

In recent years, people at all levels have continued to force the talent system reform and innovation and talent structural optimization, and forging talent engines for high quality development. The organizer of this forum is also affirmative and promotion of technical skills in Wujiang Development Zone. Wang Yun said that the construction of intelligent manufacturing strong districts need to cultivate a team of intelligent manufacturing talents.

Compared with the technology research and development, product innovation, the process of cultivating this process is more demanding and patient.

The Wujiang Development Zone will also take this event to actively absorb the wisdom of the experts and scholars, further optimize the talent policy, refine the promotion initiative, and fully stimulate the innovation of intelligent manufacturing talents.

In order to better serve manufacturing intelligent renovation projects, introduction and cultivate intelligent manufacturing talents, during the event, Wujiang Development Zone also hired the Secretary-General of China Machinery Engineering Society, Luoping, Dean, Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tongji University 5 experts from the Director of the Industrial Intelligent Learning Factory Chen Ming as "Experts of Intelligent Manufacturing Talents in Wujiang Development Zone".

(Xue Wei pays Enran) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan).

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