The "five in place" of the Rural Commercial Bank of Jixian County promoted financial poverty alleviation work

Poverty alleviation lending is also in place. For the expiration date, it has been affected by the epidemic in the past 20 January 1, 2020, which actively prolongs the repayment period, ensuring that the poor is not overdue, and does not affect poor households. Record; a poor enterprise that is seriously affected by the epidemic, does not blindly grasden, discontinuation, pressurization; poverty of credit demand and in line with the application, maintaining the stability of the poverty alleviation credit policy, does not raise loans The threshold does not shorten the loan period. Poverty alleviation information sharing system is in place.

Next, we must establish a perfect, unified poverty alleviation object information sharing system between the poverty alleviation department, financial institution, and the financial supervision department, so that financial institutions have promptly understand poor households, truly accurate poverty alleviation. According to the mortgage, the standards or less than 50,000 yuan, supporting poor household development, and depletion. "User Use" mode is in place.

In order to enable more poor households to enjoy the bonus of the poverty alleviation, this line adheres to the principle of "household users", and focus on "loan" "licensed", "use well" aspect. Down Kung Fu, "One Households" "One Point", ensuring that financial poverty alleviation is accurate, regulatory accurate, and the financial poverty alleviation is maximized. The "Party Building + Finance" alliance mechanism is in place. The party committee has signed the "Party Building + Finance" Alliance Agreement with the 7 township party committees and county industries in the county.

Through the investment of policy propaganda through the village, focus on the policy, use, application method, etc. of the poverty alleviation, etc., so that the poverty alleviation microfinance workstore, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of poor households to participate in small poverty alleviation. Poverty alleviation loan risk control is in place. The bank continues to strengthen financial poverty alleviation loans, focus on the management of post-poverty alleviation loans, and pay close attention to the risk of all kinds of poverty alleviation loans. At the same time, actively communicate with government departments such as local poverty alleviation, and work together to promote the clearing efforts of poverty alleviation loans in bad industries. (Editor: Yu Siyuan, Xu Chi).

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