Studying the advanced typical active as – Ningde City in-depth development of comrades to Sun Limei

"Time model" Sun Limei uses life to interpret a communist party loyalty to party loyalty, courageous mission, and people-oriented, always put the interests of the people in the first place, her advanced deeds vividly show The Communist Party members rushed on the critical moment, and the excellent character was attacked in danger.

Since the laten post, Ningde City has continued to carry out the study and publicity activities, and promotes the advanced deeds of Sun Limei. Comprehensively promote "learning", multi-level sentimental spirit Ningde Municipal Committee held a special meeting, the Municipal Committee Standing Committee, the symposium, etc., etc. Learn 2636 to Sun Limei Comrade. Notice on the in-depth learning and propaganda to explain the advanced deeds and the lofty spirit of the "Dedicated to the Times Sun Limei" literary works, more than 60 theoretical articles and experiences have received more than 60 articles of the city, receive the poems of the province, More than 80 prose and other documents.

List Xiapu County Gu County is listed as learning education to visit the study point, the construction of advanced priorities, combined with the central group, "three sessions", theme party day, field study and other forms, vigorously promote the advanced deeds of Sun Limei, continue to set off Learning to Sun Limei.

To fully carry out the "six" activities, learn Sun Limei’s advanced deeds as party members and cadres’ party sex education, incorporating the autumn main class at all levels, covering more than 500 students; incorporating the "two committees" education and primary and secondary schools in the new village The new teacher first ended the teaching content of training class, and combined with the village-level organizational election and vigorously elected Sun Limei-style good village. Extensive "Speaking", multi-angle propaganda typical formation of Sun Limei Advanced Deeds, co-ordination theory to preach light cavalry, Ning Xiaoli, new era, etc. 1042. Opening a special report of Sun Limei’s advanced deeds, launched the special columns such as "Amei Secretary in My Eye", using the intensive media platform "Let us give flowers, remember the Sun Limei" activities, create "Li Mei," "Commerce" "back "Song, continuous publication of the 16th issue" Write to Sun Li’s poem ", combing the collection of 32 of Sun Limei Comrade, Production" Remaining Sun Li Mei | Sand Painting: Li Mei, Beautiful Alimentarity "and other H5 works. Organize coordination of news media at all levels to follow up, in-depth mining, and carry out publicity reports in all directions. At present, the central and provincial media published 3,300 times, the city, county media publication reported 661 times.

Continue to implement the "do", more measures to do a good job in strengthening the advanced models of the Damei City, give full play to the party organization of party organizations and party members, and motivate the majority of party members and cadres to draw spiritual power from advanced typical, firmly believed, Practice the people of the people, and effectively transform the role model to the powerful initiative of Huimin Lee.

On the basis of the party branch, the red station, the establishment of the party team in the Community is deep into the masses, so that "there is something to find a party member" to become a habit of mass; organizing party members to carry out in-depth development "into the Wanjiamen, I know 10,000, I am difficult, warm thousand "The people’s demand for mass investigation, collecting the eight major opinions of learning, employment, medical treatment, housing, pension, culture, etc. The "Party Member Leading Cadres" "Thousand In-depth" "Thousand In-depth" Party Flags " Powerful initiatives. At present, the city has set up 2839 heads of party members, responsible areas, 1681 party volunteer service teams, organizing party members and cadres to go deep into the grassroots level, based on the position of the position, combing "I do practical things for the masses" key people’s livelihood projects Huimin Limin practical residents were 6026. (Content provided by Ningde City Party History Learning Education Office) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

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