The first hot sells 1.2 billion! Golden Land Beijing 壹 街 区 officially opened a newsletter

Leju Buying Home November 18, the deputy center explosion red plate | Beijing Yin Street is the first time, selling 1.2 billion, playing a phenomenon feast.

Golden Land | The total construction area of ??Beijing No. 1,290,000 square meters is a bungalow block consisting of eight plots. Volume Rate, 6-8 layers of pure house community, a total of 1658 households. The construction area is about 73-186m2 two-four-bedroom, south to three sides wide, all-state, the room rate reaches 80% -85%, hardcover delivery, satisfying the diversity choice for improving the family.

The project is located in the second phase of the Beijing City Deputy Center. It is approximately journey from Songzhuang Art District. Planning community shuttle to connect 6 subway, and there are five kilometers from 5 kilometers to Tongzhou, Beijing First Experimental School, Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Academic District (under construction), Capital Research Institute Tongzhou District (under construction) and other support, enjoy a number of dividends in the development of the secondary center. ↑ WeChat video number [Beijing real estate news], land implementation, news direct hit, take your roaming Beijing property market.

You can also scan the QR code below, find the organization, talk about Beijing to buy a house together ~.

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