Creating a salt base to govern the national model will increase by 20% of scientific research, add 10 research institutions

Original title: Creating a salt base to govern the national model will increase by 20% of research and investment, add 10 scientific research institutions, food security, good breeding and salt base management are very concerned about General Secretary Xi Jinping. During Dongying Inspection, General Secretary is specially coming. The Yellow River Delta Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone "Saline Agricultural Experiment Demonstration Base" encourages you to make a sample of salt bases in the country.

Shandong Province Delta Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone is the second national farm high area in my country. As a general secretary inspected the second stop of Dongying, he came to the "salt base agricultural test demonstration base" in the farmers.

Two side crops of green oil in the road, turning thousands of salt alkali beach into hopeful fields.

Birth of the rural highway on the youngest land on the Republic, the salt base soil area accounts for 84% of the total area of ??the region, from the improved soil adapting crops, and the new varieties should be adapted to salt bases, and seed innovation has changed the ridicity. At the beginning of the General Secretary, the soybean breeding expert Xuhua Lingzheng and the assistant picked this year’s seed specimens, and his more than 30 mu of experimental fields have planted more than 590 soybean products. In order to screen the new varieties of salt-to-saline, high-yielding varieties, has been hard for 10 years. . The country can use salt and alkali, and cooperate with the SME and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish "Saltern Agricultural Test Demonstration Base", which is to promote the experience of salt-based soil improvement and salt-resistant crop cultivation.

Now, dozens of new varieties such as alfalfa, buckwheat and soybeans have been cultivated on the ground 10,000 mu. In order to make a national model of saline, the farm high-region uses the advantages of land recipes, the right to clear, introduces 36 high school institutions such as the Chinese Academy, Provincial Agricultural Sciences, built and built 9 major scientific research platforms. Modern high-efficiency agriculture is the target advantage, gathers four major rivers such as agricultural science and technology innovation, new movable industries. At the beginning of the General Secretary, Chen Haihua and his wisdom agricultural equipment team, Ziyou, unmanned, drifting a tiller and sowing machine, the winter wheat, on this salt base, wheat yield has reached 800 pounds. As of the end of 2020, the agricultural scientific and technological progress contribution rate of the Agriculture Highway has exceeded 67%, and the agricultural comprehensive mechanization rate reached 95%, and the main crops were fully covered.

Keep in mind the general secretary, this year, local will increase by 20% of scientific research, 10 scientific research institutions, and cultivate 15 high-tech enterprises and technology SMEs.

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