Changda Talent Talent Integrated Development City Alliance Expansion to 26 City

  On the afternoon of September 23, as a 2021, China Zhejiang, China Zhejiang South Lake, the Yangtze River Triangle Elite Summit, the Yangtze River Delta Talent Integrated Development City Alliance’s fourth joint meeting. This meeting invited the Alliance City to gather Janhu, summarize the annual work situation and effectiveness of the Alliance, recommend the integrated cooperation of "Long Triangle Talent Yunzhi", discussing the integration of talent integration and development ideas and initiatives. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the three provinces of Shanghai, Su Zhe, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc.

  At the meeting, all alliance cities were reviewed and voted, and decided to agree to Tongling City, Anhui Province, and Chizhou City officially added the Yangtze River Talent Integration to develop the city alliance.

At this point, the urban alliance members have increased to 26. It is reported that in the past year, the Urban Alliance has developed around the development goals of talents, and many useful explorations and practices have been carried out. Under the blessing entertainment of the development of talents, Jiaxing talent work has achieved the increasing amount of increasingness, overseas talents, high-end talents, and young people present a continuous net inflow situation, in the latest "most talented city 100 Strong "in the list, Jiaxing ranks 22nd, 5th in the prefecture-level city. Jiaxing’s new introduction has settled in the South Lake Research Institute, Nanhu Laboratory, North Polytechnic University Graduate School, and the newly added high-end innovation carrier, the number of new R & D institutions in the provincial-level new R & D institution is first in Zhejiang Province. Jiaxing deepened talent innovative entrepreneurs in the digital means, tightening the "key little things" concerned about talents, continuous iteration and upgrading Jiaxing talent code, gradually realizing "a code in hand, service, things, things."

  Next, Jiaxing will always support the city alliance to work, carry the service and promote the development of the Yangtze River Delta as an important work content, unconfilled the union resolution, actively exercise the rights of members, and conscientiously fulfill members’ obligations, and strive to serve Play a greater "Jiaxing role" on the overall situation; strive to promote more "Jiaxing Power" in promoting the reshaping of institutional mechanisms, high-energy platform construction, talent service guarantee; stronger in China, integrating into the Yangtze Triangle ".

  At the meeting, the Secretariat of the Urban Alliance introduced the "Changda Talent Integrated Development City Alliance E Station". "League E Station" as a city alliance official service website, will focus on publicity display, policy recommendation, and 智 库, set five functional modules. The Alliance E Station will focus on building a long triangle talent cloud. This learning is built by the City Alliance and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, more than 2,700 innovative entrepreneurial experts from colleges and scientific research institutions have accumulated. (Editor: Ye Bin, Zhang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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