Cross-strait and Hong Kong, Macultural Structure Cooperation Forum

  This newspaper Taipei, March 10 (Reporter Wang Ping, Sun Liji) Taiwan Bank and Hong Kong and Macao 2019 Institute of Industry and Technology Cooperation Forum today held in Taipei, dozens of experts in the branches and Hong Kong and Macao (Macao) around both sides and Hong Kong, Macau in agriculture, medical, Cooperation in the field of innovation is discussed.

  The Forum was jointly hosted by the South Taiwan Institute of Online and the Straits and the Hong Kong and Macao Union and the Innovation Alliance. When Wang Jianhua, an Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China’s Production and Research Cooperation Promotion Association, I hope that through the forum, we will further build two sides and Hong Kong, Macao-powered cooperation platforms, enhance the exchange of SMEs, colleges and research institutions, and explore future cooperation channels, strengthen Deepen cooperation in the field of production in the two sides of the strait.

  Wang Mingsheng, Chairman of the South Taiwan Institute of Oncology Association, said that the development potential of the southern Taiwan has a great potential, and I hope that the mainland friends will come to South Taiwan to exchange.

I hope that through the forum, it promotes two sides of production research cooperation and promoting cross-strait integration development. Journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chairman of the Chairman of the China Machinery Engineering Society, Wang Ke said, Director of the Treasury of the Taiwan Financial Science and Technology Association, Tan Weihao, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Industry and Engineering Cooperation, surrounding the "New Industrial Revolution and Enterprise Transformation" "Financial Block Chain Development trend "" venture capital "and other subjects are reported.

  When Tan Weihao speech, Hong Kong can play a role in the area of ??block chain, 5G, and great health. It is hoped to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides and Hong Kong and Macultural research and research through college academic cooperation, incubator exchange. Bringing business opportunities. Participants also group discussions around "smart agriculture" "Science and Technology Wenchuang" "precision medical".

The Hong Kong School Study Cooperation Promotion Association has signed a cooperation agreement with the South Taiwan Institute of Technology Alliance. (Editor: Yuan Wei (intern), Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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