Changwei is handwriting loyalty to Sword Yang Win

"We must ensure that under any circumstances, under the order, it is cleared, the battle is finalized!" August South, a skin-friendly and strong man, said this sentence, the sound is small, but it reveals firm and confident. The people who talk are in the Rocket Army, a tourist lecture. He is very simple. It is also very uncommon: 28 years, after three groups, four brigades, proficient in eight types of missile knowledge.

"The military mission is to fight, the goal is to win!" For 28 years of military career, Zhou Yong is always around these keywords: reliable, credible, available. Recently, the reporter approached the missile traveler and pursued him full of confidence.

"Walking, never notice in advance!" Summer camp, starry, although the night, the stuffy heat in the air still has not been reduced.

Suddenly, the harsh alarm spread over the night sky, and the entire camp is instantly "moving". In an instant, several missile vehicles carrying "Dongfeng Changjian" out of the camp, disappearing in the night. Such a drill, the officers and soldiers here, becoming a part of the daily, as "habits often" as eating sleep. In the operating hall, "training in a combat, combat the way in the way" is hung on the wall.

The officers and soldiers here are not only so saying, but do this.

In the past, in advance, notice, preset content, according to the class, the class is not fresh, Zhou Yong is ongoing, and the iron wrist moves these peace and disadvantages. Deputy Director Yu Liang, the main training, he said: "The past training is taken in accordance with the established process, but now we have set more than 100 kinds of ‘specialty’ and interference factors, which are fully trained.

"" War, never in advance, how to play, how to practice! " "In Zhou Yong’s eyes, all training should be close to actual combat.

This is a new type of missile entered, the first to experience the "big test" of extreme weather.

That day, the officers and soldiers were taking the recruitment of outdoor missiles at night, and the winds of the wind, the rain hit, the missiles had no one to show.

A grassroots commander testism suggestion: "Travel long, such weather, operation is too dangerous, wait for the small point, don’t give trouble, don’t give yourself." Huiyi, rain Enrogre. How to do? Everyone turned their attention to Zhou Yongkun.

"Do you choose the weather? Daily batch ‘dangerous training’ ‘insurance is not practicing’, you will" know the soil "?" He led the backbone to quickly analyze and sentenced to the judgment: the closer is approaching the battle border boundary, Complete reprint tasks as planned! With his order, the slings slowly rose, and the missile slowly left the transport car and started.

Everyone stared at the long sword, and his heart was hung in his eyes.

Zhou Yong is calm and calm down according to the process. When the missile stably falls on the launcher, the officers and men present in the scene have admired Zhou Yongkun.

"The front line has no way to win!" "" The mission of the soldiers is fighting, the goal is to win! "This is what Zhou Yong is often hanging on the mouth, surrounding the words" win ", he and the officers and soldiers can not Less efforts. In the troops, Zhou Yongkun was known as "hard traveler", only because he "dared to bother," "dare to fight hard". The group is fully built to take a downhill road, which urgently needs to increase the impression and torsion.

Zhou Yongnun took the first recreation after the first recreation was "under the above rate". The leadership leaders took the lead in duty, took the lead in training, took the lead in completing the task, "the head of the head gave the length of the market, the length of the governor didn’t look at the long-standing, and the long-lasting governance is a long-lasting." Not long, the wind of the entire army is good.

"Hard core" travel is long, and there is "timid". "The commander of the missile force, the most afraid of ‘courageous technology is poor,’ daring ‘must be with’ heart fine ‘, but the’ timing ‘must be’ gallbladder ‘." Zhou Yongkun "self-exposure" once " The experience of gallbladder.

Among the real-in-life launch mission, a soldier suddenly reported that an abnormal sound appeared.

The atmosphere at the scene was in an instant. Zhou Yong immediately organized personnel to conduct data comparison, but did not find abnormalities.

They have a comprehensive examination of the entire process and have not been found. At this time, it is already close to the launch window of the missile, but Zhou Yong is never retrieving, he believes that resolutely can’t let the missile have a problem.

Under his repetition, re-tested the missile.

On the huge pressure, Zhou Yong Kun took the technical backbone to the missiles, and finally found a part to fall off.

Find a failure, the problem is solved, and the final missile is successful, and Zhou Yongkun has also been honored.

Zhou Yongkun, "gallbladder", also has "bold". The first force implemented the transfer task, and the deputy camp of the team, Sun Huadan, considers the safety of human cars, satellite emergency, and plans to control the speed of the vehicle, reach the geographical standby 50 minutes to transfer. "Usually training, you have to take out the sight, you can seize the opportunity for a second.

He re-studied the budget, boldly decided to make a decision, improve the status of the troop, and finally grab it in the satellite for 34 seconds, leading the troops to complete the transfer, and win valuable time for subsequent tasks. Someone asked him, how to do it So "hard core"? His answer is also very simple: good at "zero".

Two years ago, he taught this brigade, in the face of new changes in weapons, new requirements for the construction of the troops, and prepared a new base point, giving himself a "hair strip".

On the first few months, Zhou Yongkun’s office has not overturned it before 12 o’clock in the night. He worships the missile expert Chen Yong as a teacher, understands the principles of weapons and technical performance, and learn the operation skills of Hao Mingjie with soldiers. For only 3 months, it became the hipster of the missile. In May last year, the tour is a new type of missile weapon. The officials of the officers and soldiers have not been sentenced, and they are in force. Some officers and men worry that time is too short to complete the task. Zhou Yong killed everyone: "The farmers never discuss why the land, the soldiers can’t talk more.

Even if you go into the fire sea, we also have the goal.

"He led officers and men to develop simulation training equipment, explore the road to simulate hard practice, unprotten practice, technical warfare, and finally achieve the goal in advance.

These are the epitome of Zhou Yong Kun lead the troops to achieve combat effectiveness.

Hundreds of combat planning and actions have not been mistaken, and there is no one instruction to command a failure. In the case of "win", Zhou Yong is a form, leading the official officers and soldiers to create more than 20 "first" and "first", and autonomous sends 15 professional textbooks and a series of operational specifications, explore 15 kinds of war, form 19 The results of the item, the construction of the combat power construction, press the quick key, and let the "God sword" flying. "Loyalty to the party, there must be 100%, the difference is not" "" This lesson, I will talk! "Looking at Zhou Yongkun’s clear blackwriting, the Legal Association of the government first, and then laughed again.

It turned out that according to party history education and education, the team members of the Tourism Party Committee must be teach.

Considering that the troops are very responsible for the warfare class, the tasks of the various training tasks have been launched, and Ma Xiaoyi has not planned to arrange the lecture lesson. How can Zhou Yongnun does not "lead", insist on bringing the leader.

"Loyalty to the party, there must be a hundred percent, the difference is not good" "The loyalty of the rocket soldier, reflecting in the ‘missile to listen to me, I listen to the party’s words’ …", Zhou Yong Kun took the "firm ideals and belief, resolutely listening to the party command" The theme, the foundation of the officers and soldiers. At the scene, the applause sounded again and again.

The Government of the Government said: "This is not only recognized by this class, and it is also a prize for Zhou Yongkun. He uses the best to explain the loyal nature of defending peace.

"Talking about Zhou Yongkun, the rocket army, the commander of the Rocket Army, said:" Only when he served in five brigade, he would believe that no matter what position, he is a person who can cheer.

"He is a head of the three groups. He is" Firefighting Captain ": The technical service group is more, the foundation is thin, urgent need to improve the ability; the new formal battle guarantee group, urgent and other" understand people "painted blueprint; training group reform Current, Contradictions are heavy … Zhou Yongkun has made difficulties, and the job is doing.

Two brigade, he carefully forged "killer".

The new brigade has no foundation has no basic experience. He leads the officers and soldiers to enter the progress. In less than two years, it has formed combat power. Create a missile force "without trial, directly into the brigade; a trip is in the forefront of military struggle, the emergency preparation task is heavy, requirement High, herely "climbing the slope", attacking hard, the tournament is commended this year to "New Times Rockets Training War Model Unit". If it is a small profit, Why do you give clothes? In these years, "hard-core travel long" Zhou Yong Kun leads a miles of missile officers and soldiers, and uses a hammer robinal determination and ability, and constantly writing loyalty and reliability, leading the troops to broadly in the road of strong troops. (Editor: Prince Front, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see.

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