200 Kobodyn services will introduce Zhongguancun Fangshan Garden

Original title: 200 Kobodyn services will introduce Zhongguancun Fangshanyuan this newspaper (Reporter Sun Quru) First Zhongguancun Community · Technology Service Station Recently officially unveiled Zhongguan Village Fangshan Garden, focusing emergency equipment, high-end manufacturing, new material industry, output innovation Entrepreneurial resources, cultivating the teamwork team, serving Fangshan to create a characteristic industry cluster.

  Zhongguancun Community is the aggregation platform of Zhongguancun’s innovative entrepreneurial ecology. It is responsible for overall brand operation by Zhongguancun Development Group, which is responsible for the overall brand operation. According to the characteristics of the park, the community service model will be customized, the project landing, service system construction, service product customization, housekeeper service Waiting for Fangshan Garden to provide depth services and special services.

The Zhongguancun Community, Zhongguancun Fangshan Garden is located in the Zhongguancun Community, which is jointly created by Zhongguancun convinced and Beijing Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhongguancun Frontier), and the station will take the park space as a carrier, centered, centered. Link integrated service platform, through "Fund + Data + Ecological Services" to continue to enhance operational service capabilities such as incubation, acceleration and industrialization in the park, providing enterprises with quality and excellent price space and professional industrial organization and services.

  The station will introduce the first batch of more than 200 technological services products, 100 service housekeresters in Zhongguancun Fangshanyuan Enterprise, with standardized, listing, and provide customer-e-based, integrated, and personalized services for the park enterprises, providing managers in communities, One-on-one precision docking service will also provide services such as entrepreneurial counseling, mentor and other services.

  At the unveiling ceremony, seven scientific and technological services such as hardcover spaces were signed, and they will provide intelligent manufacturing commonherent technology, policy declaration, scientific and financial finance for Zhongguancun community construction. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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