Crack outside the domain civilization password in Dunhuang murals

Original title: Crack the classic dance "rebound" in Dunhuang murals in Dunhuang murals, "rebound", whose shape is from exotic.

According to the professor of the Chinese Cultural Heritage Research Institute, "rebound" image spread from the foreign domain to Changan, Sheng Tang, and then to China Tang Dunhuang. The image has experienced the transformation from the Men to Han people.The transformation process of "rebound" image is the testimony of the exchange of civilization exchanges in the Silk Road.

  "Bounce" image traceability is one of the results of the "Dunhuang Mural Outer Image Civilization Property" project. Recently, the National Social Science Fund Cold Door Academy Project "Dunhuang Mural External Image Civilization Attribute Research" held an opening report at Dunhuang Institute. The project is jointly organized by the Chinese Cultural Heritage Research Institute, Shaanxi Normal University and Dunhuang Research Institute. It is a chief expert in Ge Chengmong, with Dunhuang Mural as a research and entry point, cracking from Dunhuang Art Dunhuang Art. Civilization Password. The specific practice of promoting the study of cold doors "The country has set up a special access to the research, which is to pass the joints of these projects, promote academic development, and ultimately promote cultural progress.

"The title review expert," Chen Ying, a professor of the History Department of Zhejiang University said.

  "Academic use is to solve problems through people’s thinking, the core significance of academics is to develop national wisdom.

"Outlook on the opening ceremony, the Minister of Humanities Research Department, the Ministry of Humanities, said that the development of academics, especially cold doors, means enhancing a nation’s innovation and comprehensive thinking ability, and is related to the prosperity of the country. From this perspective The state has established a special project for cold door, and has a long-term consideration and important significance. For the first time, the National Social Science Fund set up a cold door to study, only 20 projects were selected, including Oracle, Golden, Jane Document, Dunhuang Suitable. As one of the selected items, the "Dunhuang Mural Outer Image Civilization Attribute Research" is undoubtedly the specific practice of promoting the study of cold door. "Today, Dunhuang, Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges are very important. This topic will have an important impact on our understanding of the ancient Silk Road, Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, and promote Dunhuang learning research.

"The opening review expert, the party secretary of the Dunhuang Research Institute, said.

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of modern Chinese archeology.

In terms of Dunhuang Studies, according to statistics, all kinds of Dunhuang books published at home and abroad have more than 3,000 kinds of Dunhuang books, but the cutting-edge results are still not much, "high-stricken" problems still exist, archaeological achievements are transformed into civilization The international impact of history is not enough.

  Pursuing international academic influence, listed as the top leading problem in Dunhuang research; in depth into international academics, let the world better understand Dunhuang Art, understand Chinese culture, know Chinese civilization – "Dunhuang murals outside image civilization Attribute Research "Write the" Outstanding Research Achievements "in the beginning of the project. "In today’s world, there is no change in the big changes in the United States, and overseas Dunhuang is gradually declined.

The project team rises to build a platform, trying to develop and master the right to speak new era, I believe in the strength of cultural confidence and Chinese and foreign combination, will promote the Dunhuang study in the past 100 years to continue ‘walking. Song Xinchao, deputy director of the National Cultural Relics Bureau.

  Going out of Dunhuang to see Dunhuang Ge Chengmoyu, "Dunhuang Mural Example Research" mainly explores the two-way interactive relationship between the domain and China’s local art creation, that is, how to influence the artistic creation of China’s local art in Dunhuang, as well as China’s local art How to propagate in the field affects the domain.

  "There is a lot of problems related to Chinese and Western exchanges in Dunhuang research. There are many art styles and patches that are still unsuccessful. Therefore, there is no foreign cultural reference. We can’t see the differences and integration of different cultures." Ge Chengu said, "our The research research is to reveal the cultural password hidden in Dunhuang Art, decoding cultural genes in thick cultural accumulation, exploiting the foreign cultural value.

"As one of the person in charge of the sub-project, Shawukata, professor Shawu, and Shawu, said:" There is no Dunhuang without Silk Road, which is a basic idea to carry out research.

Doing Dunhuang studies cannot be limited in Dunhuang, be sure to build on the basis of the relevant knowledge background related to Central Asia, go back and think about Dunhuang. "Dunhuang learning research has been more than a hundred years. Further development must go out. Under the framework of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, discuss the influence of domain civilization for Dunhuang image art, to demonstrate the openness of Chinese civilization, prove Dunhuang is a bridge connected to Chinese and foreign civilization. This topic can eventually let us deepen the understanding of Chinese historical culture, but also reintegrate the meaning and value of Dunhuang. Sun Yinggang said.

  Yang Fuxi believes that the project has broken through the limitations of Dunhuang studies in the past. "In the past, we always stood on our own position to see the problem, but rarely talk about the impact of Western culture on us.

Today’s Chinese scholars dare to recognize foreign cultures’ influence on China, indicating that China is compatible with the mind, which is a manifestation of cultural confidence. "The" Dunhuang Mural Outer Image Civilization Properties "finally planned to form five volumes of research monographs, published a series of academic papers, and contributed to the history of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and the theoretical methods of Dunhuang Grottoes. As a cross Subject research topics, the project made a strict requirement for researchers’ academic capabilities and knowledge reserves. The project team consists of three Chinese cultural heritage research institutes, Shaanxi Normal University and Dunhuang Research Institute. The forces of foreign experts, four sub-topics are headed by experts who have been engaged in this field study. "Whether it is the phased outcome of the project, I have a expectation and confidence, because the team condenses the center of the school strength.

"The opening review expert, Liu Wei, Dean of the Capital Normal University History, is looking forward to seeing the project has innovated in terms of talent training model, cultivating a group of new young people, let the cold doors are behind.

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