Can the market continue to replace the price of the house?

After the total amount of transaction fell by 3 months, when the price of the price is arrived, he arrived at the market.

According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales area of ??commercial housing in the country, the sales have been reduced in three consecutive months, and the market continues to low temperature. However, Beijing Business Daily reporters have discovered that in October, the sales of houses in October is not obvious, the sales area, the sales are presented, but the decline between the two is basically flat, in other words – – The unit price has not fallen.

Industry analysis, the last two months have facing performance stress, and the credit loan is not obvious, and finally the price change will become a foregone, but the market is not known as unknown – unknown credit, uncertain purchasing power and the outstand Order.

The unit price has not been reduced to the developer. Once the property market enters the downlink channel, it can only run fast, "Co-price" is a customary means.

Especially when you rush performance, you will not be unhappy.

However, Beijing Business Daily reporters have discovered that in October, the sales area sales "cost-effective" is not obvious, the sales area, the sales are presented, but the decline between the two is basically flat, the data is "misplaced" The situation is basically no.

From the year-on-year growth rate, 30 key housing companies only have China Jinmao to achieve sales area, sales of sales, New Town Holdings, China Olympics, Ocean Group, Rich Real Estate, and Golden Ordnance have a growing growth.

The remaining 24 household sales area, sales have a negative growth, of which 17 household sales have dropped more than 20%, and the largest housing enterprise is a new holding control, downloaded year-on-year; sales area has dropped more than 20% of the house enterprises 18 House, the largest house and strength is also a new power holding, a year-on-year decline. From the accumulated year-on-year growth rate, in addition to Vanke, Country Garden, Jinke Shares, Xinli Holdings, the accumulation of the real estate accumulation is negatively increased, and the remaining 25 key housing enterprises have grown year-on-year, but the growth rate is more than 20%. There are only 4 housing companies, including the largest growth in Green City China, year-on-year growth.

The cumulative increase of less than 10% and there are 11 positive growth in housing prices, the smallest increase in Metro Holdings, an increase of only%.

Terms of sales area, 30 key enterprises in the room only China Jin Mao, gold business is set to achieve positive growth year on year growth in%,% respectively. The remaining 28 Housing prices showed a negative growth.

Overall, in the context of the market cooling, "silver ten" market is not scheduled arrival, or compared with the same period last year, housing prices "silver ten" performance can be described as a big retreat.

The core contradiction transferred into the property market down cycle, why housing prices data show that the "price change" is not obvious? Research director with the Institute for Policy SongGongWei pointed out that the central paradox of the real estate market has begun to shift, "price change" is the supply-side (housing prices) strategy, but depends on the buyers buying a single, regulated and current real estate the tax impact of the pilot, buyers wait and see mood increased, especially do not buy or buy up under the mentality, the price effect is also greatly reduced. Another reason is that, despite the high-level position to support the normal and reasonable housing consumption demand, rhythm housing credit has also been accelerated, but currently can not meet the needs of the market, the backlog of mortgage loans, the demand can not be fully released.

From past experience, housing prices can be completed full-year performance goals, "Golden September and Silver October," the performance is essential. But given the current answer is clearly no. After several years of deep regulation, the real estate market showing some signs of fatigue, in addition to the relevant departments for real estate development companies in financing the regulatory side, so that enterprises increased the pressure, new home sales price of the phenomenon gradually increased in some cities and regions.

In the face of this wave of decline in housing prices in some cities began to stabilize the real estate market expected, introduced the "down order" number of cities increased significantly, including Zhangjiakou, Heze, Yueyang, Kunming, Shenyang, Jiangyin, Guilin, Zhuzhou and Tangshan, more than 15 cities. "Recently a number of cities nationwide new home ‘limit orders fell’, the surface is part of housing prices liabilities false start at high pressure, in fact, behind further illustrate the ‘stability’ of the property market is the most determined keyword." Said Zhang Dawei, chief analyst with Centaline .

In Dawei view, housing prices, "price for volume" The reason was not obvious, more data is "distorted." On the one hand, the network needs to sign lag gradually reflected; on the other hand, some cities, although prices did not fall significantly, but the developers there have been many similar "workers arrived in the room" and the practice of walking a fine line in operation.

Many workers arrived in the room the moment because there have been developers funding chain pressure, difficult to pay the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises of commercial ticket, facing the mine explosion, while the position of the difference in the sale of items, it is difficult sales listings posted directly against the phenomenon, also causes the market to a large number of activist events.

Price for the amount of the current real estate market is not easy, "magic", full of uncertainty.

Pressure sales, inventory pressure, the short term is an irreconcilable problem.

Under the pressure of financing "three red lines" of cash flow security has become a topic of constant efforts to "income" to strengthen their "blood" capability. With less than two months away from the end of the year, this year’s sales target may no longer be able to complete important, but safely "alive" is more important than ever.

Promote sales, recaptured under the final sprint, housing prices go of the pressure is especially large. "The last two months, companies are facing pressure to perform, coupled with loose credit is not obvious, the final ‘price change’ will become a foregone conclusion.

But do not relax credit policy, housing prices are still difficult to melt, the follow-up buyers whether the demand for the release, is still unknown.

"Dawei bluntly.

Dawei of this judgment, has been part of the overall housing prices marketing approval.

"We ’11’ came out later part of the special room, not selling well, mostly relatively large size, needs to improve its credit for too much." Housing prices in the old South Fourth Ring a post-marketing project total respect, although not selling well, but Potter has brought the price of passenger room is really impressive, to see the current credit can not be put off.

But soon wound up in east Shunyi a total marketing developers also bluntly, the current market price war is not available. "We are the most expensive in the region, the other two competing products has been lower prices, not only without our good sales, but also led to the previous owners of the rights.

"The total marketing sources, the cost of out there, and now the project can in fact very limited room for price cuts, price cuts to its final offended the old owners, it is better to let everyone benefits increase with the election.

In Dawei view, the current property market appears fully cliff-style down the most important reason is the credit line, buyers of mortgage loans, development loans and developers, basic fully tightened, leading the market down.

Recently the central bank and other departments dense stand, markets expect the emergence of credit in favor of a return to normal performance.

Overall, the October credit data relatively fine-tuning is expected that this trend is conducive to stabilize the property market. Harbin, stable property market in Yiwu, issued a document, reducing the threshold for pre-licensing; Changsha commercial housing inventory to begin the bottom …… real estate policy has emerged, but the market still continued to fall in the real estate regulation to see that more and more easing will occur, the market is expected to gradually stable. The purpose of the policy control the real estate market is stable, not smooth rose, fell Nor is stable.

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