Langfang Fire Propaganda enters the minds of enterprises into people’s hearts

  During the event, fire supervisors adopted the working mode of inspection+exercise to promote the four capabilities construction of the enterprise fire safety and employees to understand. The fire supervisors instructed each enterprise to establish a hidden dangers self -inspection group to carry out self -examination and self -examination of hidden dangers of fire safety, focusing on checking whether the pressure extinguishing internal fire extinguishers in the enterprise, whether the emergency lighting and evacuation indicator signs were set, and indoor fire hydrant and automatic fire alarm system Whether the operation is normal, etc.

Subsequently, the person in charge of the fire safety of the enterprise and the fire propaganda staff jointly explained to the employees the investigation of the hidden dangers of fire, the maintenance of fire and electricity, the maintenance of fire protection facilities and equipment, and correctly reporting the fire alarm.

Under the organization and leadership of fire supervisors, employees of each unit carried out the operation and use and emergency evacuation exercise of fire -fighting facilities such as fire extinguishers and water belts, and effectively improved emergency response and risk aversion capabilities in emergency situations.

  Through a series of activities, the enterprise has effectively improved the emergency response ability when facing emergencies such as fire. In the next step, Langfang Fire will further consolidate the effectiveness of publicity, promote the knowledge of fire safety to the people’s hearts, maximize the prevention and resolution of fire safety risks, and maintain the city’s fire situation to continue to stabilize.

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