Consumer Association issued consumption prompts: Do not trust myopia treatment advertisements

Affected by the epidemic, the time and frequency of students’ home online classes increased. In response to some products and services that claim to treat myopia in the market, the China Consumers Association issued consumption tips on May 26. Do not trust myopia for advertising. At present, there are many products and services for children and adolescent myopia, such as eye protection stickers, eyesight cream, eye protection instrument and other products, as well as services such as Chinese medicine appliances, sticky beans, bottom stimulation, acupuncture massage and other services. Products and services claim that they can "reduce the degree" and "heal myopia", fictional "success" cases to gain the trust of consumers.

In addition, pseudo -myopia is used as true myopia, and the intervention effect of pseudo -myopia is also deceptive to the basis of "healing", which is also worthy of vigilance. It is understood that since last year, the General Administration of Market Supervision has organized the special rectification actions of business marketing propaganda of children and adolescents, adolescents, and adolescents. Misidized expressions such as "degree repair" conduct marketing and publicity. Increase the crackdown on the use of traditional Chinese medicine or false use of traditional Chinese medicine theory and technology to market and deceive consumers’ behavior. Strictly combat the use of patients or images to compare or prove before and after diagnosis and treatment, as well as false illegal advertisements that promote the effects of diagnosis and treatment or the safety and efficacy of diagnosis and treatment.

The China Consumers Association reminds consumers that myopia cannot be cured under the current medical technology conditions.

Prevention and control myopia is in prevention. Grabbing early and small is the key. Scientific eyes and appropriate outdoor activities are "good medicines".

If the operator is found to be misleading or the name of traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and technology and technology for false illegal marketing publicity, it can report complaints to the market supervision department or the Consumer Association organization where the operator is located. (Reporter Zhao Wenjun).

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