From the tons of coal -to -sales coal to the industrial product

In recent years, Ningxia has vigorously developed the modern coal chemical industry, creating a new engine of industrial development, and continuously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry.

The industrial park represented by Ningdong Energy Chemical Base has continuously consolidated the industrial foundation, explored new development paths, and is moving towards the direction of more efficient coal utilization, richer technical routes, and more complete industrial chain. The Dongfeng gradually rose, and the temperature rose. It was towering in the Ningdong Energy Chemical Base (hereinafter referred to as the Ningdong Base) in Lingwu, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Heat. As a national modern coal chemical industry demonstration zone, Ningdong Base is from scratch on Gobi Beach. Today, the total industrial output value here exceeds 130 billion yuan, and the value -added of the coal chemical industry accounts for 48%of the entire industrial economy. The construction of the modern energy system and the green transformation of coal has become the theme of development.

Explore transformation and build a new industrial engine into the exhibition room of a new material company in Ningdong Base. All kinds of aramids and aminoly products are dazzling.

The fingertips twist the white spandex thread, the hand feels as soft as cotton, pulls it, and is very tough. "Daily underwear, and even high -end handbags can be made with spandex." Li Haisheng, director of the company’s product department, said. Coal liquefaction produces methanol, and after several chemical reactions, it becomes the main material for producing spandex. Raw coal of about 400 yuan is processed into spandex, and the market price per ton is about 30,000 yuan. In the words of Li Haisheng, "This is what I didn’t dare to think about before." Ningxia is a typical coal -rich province, and coal accounts for more than 90%of the energy.

Over the years, the local "coal eating coal" and extensive development. With the overcapacity and the decline in profitability, the coal industry once became a "hot potato".

At the beginning of this century, on the Gobi in eastern Ningxia, a sea of ??coal with 33.1 billion tons was discovered. How to effectively develop this coal sea? How to build your own industrial engine? In 2003, Ningxia made a decision to build the Ningdong base in the entire district and establish it as a major project in the autonomous region.

This is a new transformation.

In 2006, Zhang Zhimin, who is currently the director of the workshop of the Olefin No. 1 Branch of Ningxia Coal Industry Co., Ltd., has just graduated from college. When he came to Ningdong, he saw only a solitary factory in the vast Gobi. "At that time, the nationwide coal chemicals had just started. In the field of coal -to -olefin, everyone explored in darkness." The market prospects for coal -to -olefin are broad, but the company has encountered difficulties in the first step in production. "Hundreds of workers don’t stop debugging the equipment. In the most difficult time, frequent experiments consume a lot of raw materials and delay a day and lose one more day." Tian Yanjun, the person in charge of the gasification furnace of an olefin, still remembers the scene at that time ——The gasification furnace synthesizer has a 200 -meter -long pipeline. Dust is often accumulated during experiments. The diameter of the pipeline is only more than 1 meter. It can only be cleaned by manual cleaning. The efficiency is very low. In the dark, it was explored for 4 years. In a winter night in 2010, coal achieved the first production through a gasification furnace of 1300 degrees Celsius. After successful operation, the company had benefits that year. "Investment is large, it is difficult to transform, but it really improves profits." Tian Yanjun said.

The first exploration in the field of coal -to -olefin has opened the road to the development of Ningxia’s modern coal chemical industry. Active innovation and improvement of raw material utilization rates, all kinds of factories in Ningdong base have been unplugged, and 8 large coal chemical projects have been built.

However, with the rapid development of the coal chemical industry projects in many domestic places, the investment in the piles down has dropped the prices of coal -to -olefins. How to make the coal chemical industry ensure sustainable competitiveness? "Take a variety of technical routes and enrich intermediate products, which is a good way to resist market fluctuations." Wei Sini, head of the general transfer room of Sinopec Great Wall Energy Chemical (Ningxia) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ningxia Nenghua), told reporters. In September 2014, the company’s coal -based multi -combined production integrated project was officially put into operation.

The so -called coal -based multi -joint production is to use coal as the basic raw material and take a variety of vertical technical routes. Through the combination of a variety of substances and coal chemical products to create more different industrial products. "It also comes from a coal raw material that can produce facial cleanser and shampoo — butanol, and can also produce poly tetrahydrocarbu. This is the raw material for producing spandex and aramid.

"Wei Fan introduced," If the technical route is rich, you can flexibly allocate product output according to market demand.

At present, the company’s 600,000 tons of coal -to -coal methanol has been assigned a total of 1.8 million tons of chemical products, with an average annual output value of 4.4 billion yuan.

Unlike Ningxia, Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd. chose to break the barriers to industry in the energy field, use new energy to improve the production efficiency of coal chemical industry, and take a new way on coal -to -olefins. " Electric energy, the hydrogen is used through the electrolytic groove device, which can produce 100 million cubic meters per year. "Baofeng Energy President Liu Yuanguan introduced.

In the process of coal -to -olefins, these hydrogen are added to react with carbon monoxide to generate methanol, which can greatly improve production efficiency. "Based on 600,000 tons/annual coal -to -olefin project estimates, when the hydrogen is supplemented, not only the coal consumption of products per ton of products has fallen by nearly half, but the economic benefits are also significant." Liu Yuan guan said, "The improvement of production efficiency has increased, enhanced the efficiency of production efficiency. The competitiveness of the company’s industry.

"" The extensive development of the traditional coal industry is unsustainable. Only by continuous innovation and improving raw materials utilization, can we use the advantages of the modern coalization industry. "Li Hang, director of the Industry Division of the Development and Reform Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, said. Layout, the industrial agglomeration effect highlights the Ningxia Baichuan New Material Co., Ltd., which has entered the Ningdong base, and the factory steam is ascended. . Pick up a pinch and rub it gently. The powder has no grain. If the liquid usually slips off from the hand. "The asphalt extracted from the coal is burned at high temperature, and finally it becomes this kind of small molecular graphite. This is the production of production. Material of lithium battery negative electrode. "Cao Shengping, general manager of the company. The company headquarters in Jiangsu mainly produces lithium batteries and chose to invest in Ningdong. What is important is the supporting raw material industry chain here. Baofeng Energy provides. "In the same park, the two factories have saved a large number of transportation, warehousing and loss costs by establishing raw material transportation pipelines.

"Cao Shengping said. Walking on the Ningdong base, the reporter saw that the silver and white pipelines were surrounded by a business company. There were both steam, water pipelines, and raw materials conveying channels.

It is such a pipeline that allows enterprises to achieve interoperability.

"Industrial agglomeration has made structural benefits more prominent. Previously, coal was sold at tons, and industrial products are now sold according to gram.

"Cao Shengping said," With a stable supply channel, companies can further extend the industrial chain and continue to produce positive electrode materials for lithium iron phosphate battery.

"In December 2021, Xiaoxing Ausplains (Ningxia) Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation at the Ningdong base. As the world’s largest spandex manufacturer," come to Ningdong to invest, not only because there are preferential policies, but Because of the formation of a complete industrial chain, there are sufficient scale of industrial clusters.

"Zhao Weijia, the person in charge of the company.

In order to further improve the added value of coal, Ningdong Base uses mature basic chemical raw materials production capacity to attract downstream enterprises, changing scale benefits into structural benefits. "Today, the coalization industry system of Ningdong Base is relatively sound. After a certain scale, it will develop deeper.

Tian Yanhu, head of the Economic Development Bureau of Ningdong Management Committee.

In January 2022, the Ningdong Management Committee issued the "Nine major industrial chain and high -quality development implementation plan for the Ningdong Base", which is planned to develop in the next 3 to 5 years in the next 3 to 5 years. The nine major industries such as high -performance fiber and lithium -ion battery materials have further improved the degree of industrial development.

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