Chang logistics, preservation orders, and market customs to help foreign trade maintain stability and quality

On May 16, Shenzhen Litian Glasses Co., Ltd. successfully exported a batch of glasses produced by the company through market procurement. Jin Chengri, the person in charge of the company, introduced: "Market procurement trade is too convenient for us small and micro enterprises. Not only is the customs clearance procedures simple, but the exchange of foreign exchange can also be received on the same day, which greatly alleviates the pressure of our small and micro enterprises." In small and micro enterprises such as glasses, there are about 300 in Henggang Glasses City, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Ansong, the relevant person in charge of the market procurement pilot, introduced, "Market procurement trade is like tailor -made for small and medium -sized enterprises for Henggang Glasses City. Trade just made up the last shortcomings of their exports, and the value -added tax was "exempt from levy ‘, which greatly reduced their operating costs." Affected by the epidemic, foreign trade enterprises in production, logistics, and sales in multiple The link is facing challenges. On May 5 this year, the executive meeting held by the State Council to determine measures to promote the preservation and stability of foreign trade from the aspects of insurance order and improve the efficiency of customs clearance, and help stabilize the economic and stable industrial chain supply chain. On May 26, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Institute of Stability of Foreign Trade" and put forward 13 policy measures, which mainly involved the protection of stable production and circulation in the field of foreign trade, increased financial and tax financial support for foreign trade enterprises, and further helped foreign trade enterprises to grasp Orders, marketing and stabilizing the supply chain of the foreign trade industry chain.

Facing the complex and severe situation, the Party Central Committee and the State Council made important deployments, and a clear requirement for the stability of the economy. On May 31, Sheng Qiuping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said at a press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission that the Ministry of Commerce quickly built the "3+3" implementation framework around the work of stabilizing foreign trade and stabilizing foreign capital. First of all, from the three aspects of policy, construction mechanism, and excellent services, the foreign trade enterprises are rescued and "decompression" for foreign trade development. It is expected to start three aspects. While the policy implementation is appropriately inclined to small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises, it actively responds to the demands of foreign -funded business convenience.

On April 30, five directly affiliated customs issued by Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Hefei issued a joint announcement to ensure the safe and smooth supply chain of the industrial chain in the Yangtze River Delta region.

In the early morning of May 1st, under the second guarantee of the Takahashi Port District Customs Logistics Monitoring in Shanghai, 60,000 photovoltaic accessories of Suzhou Express Photovoltaic Electronics Co., Ltd. left from the port area to Pudong International Airport, at 5 Through the clear customs clearance on the 2nd.

The company became the first Jiangsu enterprise to enjoy the "green channel" in the port of Gaoqiao Port, Shanghai, Shanghai Waibaqiao Port District, to enjoy the "green channel". Only in order to guarantee orders and stabilize foreign trade.

In order to help foreign trade enterprises in response to difficulties, the customs in Gaqiao Port District, Shanghai opened the corporate consultation of "cloud hotline", set up document services "cloud specialty", carried out "cloud guidance" before the declaration The special product "Green Channel" … strives to follow the newspaper, that is, the inspection is to ensure that the enterprise imports and exports under the outbreak is worry -free. Since this year, under the severe and complex economic situation, cross -border e -commerce overseas warehouses and other new foreign trade formats have emerged, and have become an important force for foreign trade.

As the main position of the development of cross -border e -commerce development in the country, more and more Ningbo companies have devoted themselves to this new track, actively developing the overseas warehouse market, and finding new business opportunities in adversity. "At present, our company has more than 20 advanced overseas warehouses with an area of ??320,000 square meters.

With the development of cross -border e -commerce business, the advantages of overseas warehouses are becoming more and more prominent, and the next step will continue to increase investment in overseas warehouses. Ji Xiaofeng, head of the overseas warehouse of Ningbo Legehe Ergonomics Technology Co., Ltd., said.

"Using cross -border e -commerce overseas warehouses, export companies can first transport goods to overseas warehouses through cross -border logistics. After the transaction of cross -border e -commerce platforms, it will directly send foreign buyers from overseas warehouses to achieve local sales and local delivery. Essence

This preparation of early stocking can be smooth production and distribution cycle, avoiding stop work and transportation interruption caused by emergencies such as epidemic conditions, etc., and play the role of regulators and buffers in smooth stability and stable global foreign trade supply chain.

"Lu Chenze, deputy head of the post supervision department of Ningbo Customs Port, said.

Under the impact of the global epidemic, the processing trade of "two ends outside" has been affected more directly. Facing the "two -way squeeze" from demand and supply side, actively exploring the domestic market has become another important choice for processing trade companies. "With the support of customs preferential policies, our pressure is small and the funds are more abundant. Not only does foreign orders be kept, we have also made new breakthroughs in the domestic market." Liu Xiaojuan, Yantai Zhonglu Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. The amount was more than 5 million US dollars, a year -on -year increase, and it received 4500 domestic orders with sales of 650,000 yuan. In addition, Yantai Customs also actively encourages processing trade companies with good production and operation to apply for customs AEO certification to help enterprises enjoy more convenient customs clearance in international trade.

Since the beginning of this year, the import and export value of processing trade companies in Yantai Customs is 3.3 billion US dollars, a year -on -year increase of 15%.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to April, the total import and export of goods in my country was 1257.99 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of%. Among them, the proportion of the import and export of private enterprises accounted for%, an increase of a percentage point from the same period last year.

The exports of electromechanical products increased by%year -on -year, accounting for%of the total exports.

my country’s imports and exports to countries along the “Belt and Road” increased by%, of which exports increased by%and imports increased by%. While the import and export of goods continued to grow and the trade structure continued to optimize, the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade is accelerating. Luo Zhiheng, chief economics and research of Yuekai Securities and Research Institute, said that this year’s geopolitical conflict superimposed epidemic impact, foreign trade enterprises at the same time face the dual squeezing of the supply side and demand side, which can change from the transformation of domestic and foreign trade operation models and promote the integration of the internal and foreign trade industry chain. , To improve the participation of the international standard system, innovate the development model of the integration of domestic and foreign trade.

Wei Hao, a professor at the School of Economics and Business Administration of Beijing Normal University and director of the Department of International Economics and Trade, said that the core of innovating the development model of the integration of trade in domestic and foreign trade is to rely on digital and information technology to improve the intelligence and information level of production and sales. So as to reduce the information barriers in the integration of domestic and foreign trade. "In terms of production, using the Internet+manufacturing industry to improve the digital level of foreign trade products, foreign trade enterprises can not only match more accurate matching needs, but also optimize production links and improve production efficiency; in terms of sales, relying on digital technology e -commerce platforms , Foreign trade enterprises can effectively integrate domestic and international market information, reduce the marketing costs of foreign trade enterprises, adjust the proportion of domestic and foreign sales, and ensure their maximum profits. In addition, foreign trade enterprises must actively use the logistics platforms built in the integration of domestic and foreign trade to actively dock Logistics nodes are integrated into the domestic and international logistics supply chain, so as to open up product sales channels and optimize product sales networks. "Wei Hao said.

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