After 10 years, Yang Yifen launched the first novel "觞 觞"

Writer Yang Yifen is 50 years old this year. Her first novel "Leave" is recently published, which is a brand new beginning.When reviewing the writing process of this book, Yang Leffen said: Just like a day, I have been in the days, my characters have been in the days, I wrote their days.I have a long time and "I will leave", 10 years, love has become affection.

Yang Yifen said so.20 years ago, when Yang Yifen, he had just learned into the novel creation, and he organized a group of old cadres files.They come from the old era, experience all kinds of storm, yellow paper, traditional characters and simple words coexist, one red hand, with a sense of temperature.

The historical details of the ordinary people recorded by these files touched Yang Yifen, just as a seed is deeply buried in her heart. She has begun, and there is more attention to the history of 1949. In the end, this seed broke out, Yang Yifen spent 10 years of successful completion of the novel "觞".

This novel placed the background of the story in the Zhoushan Islands on the eve of the Kuomintang fleeing Taiwan.

It seems that the life on the island is not affected by the direct impact of the island, and the fate of people will face significant changes.

The survival and love of the novels write the turmoil, shaped Li Li Yun, Pan Weizhen, Qin Yilian, Song Anhua, etc., to explore women in spirit and economy, even in today’s society, still have strong Realistic meaning. Yang Yifen is a Zhoushan in Zhejiang, which is in contact with those files. After 10 years, she starts a historical collection, reading, and this process takes 6 years, she is thicker, and all kinds of books have also been there. Hundreds, memory, including a variety of small people, will be colluded.

In addition, the old photos of the Republic of China also write help, such as Yang Leffeen writes the old soldiers of Shanghai Bund, and the image is next to the sandbag. The image is from her observation of old photos.

And people’s livelihood and municipal, such as electric lights, tap water, urban transportation, and Yang Yifen must find historical regulations one by one. When I entered this novel, because I was too investment, I will automatically integrate historical materials in the evening, let them like dust, and fall into the daily life of the characters. Yang Yifen said, she will put a notebook next to the bed, wake up the next day, confused, as if there is another person talk to her, suggesting what to do, what should she do, just rush down . In the four years of true pen writing, she kissed these characters during the day, laughing together, crying together, love & hellip; & hellip; Write women I never think that I have a high, I wrote that I have been much higher than my characters. The characters are not standing in moral highlands, but as best as possible, just like Shen Congwen, it is written with characters.

Yang Yifen said that she respects the characters under the pen, and those characters have also chopped a lot. In the book, Yang Yifen used a moving brush to shape Li Li Yun, Pan Weizhen, Qin Yilian, Song Anhua, Time Bureau turmoil, after experiencing a series of incidents, four female characters have their own growth. Yang Yifen said: I have described chaos marriage and love, but it seems that I really want to explore, it is a two independence of women in spirit and economy.

As a woman, in marriage and love, how should we be ours? She said that this book has given us an answer, as in the novel, in the chaos, people have to catch something for themselves.

These women choose to be in hand, not love, is independent of personality.

Among the many female characters, Yang Yifen loves to Pan Zhen. Pan Weizhen has to live in real life, and her life concept is a close.

Yang Yifen said.

Pan Zhenzhen is an ordinary, and the family is not rich, but the voice she sent to meet me, the real life is honest. There is a detail in the book, Pan Zhen’s mother sent her Yang Mei, every one is full, but Pan Yuzhen is looking forward to a few bad, a few sour, she said that only this can be a perfect The feeling of one if there is one of them. Talking about the love of Pan Zhen, Yang Yifen said that one night did a dream and dreaming of her, I dreamed that a girl was playing a door, I and her, I only had a frosted glass door.

I asked: Who are you? She said: I am, Pan Zhenzhen.

Dosing white narrative, "Red Man Dream" Yang Yifen began writing since 2002, since she decided to start writing, she never interrupted this kind of career.

In 2016, after Yang Leffeen’s son read high school, she began to write long, and she was written in short articles. She explained that there is no way to write a long novel before, the child is around, and the heart is on him.

Yang Yifen wrote nearly 20 years, reading "Dream of Red Mansions" is a year’s regulations, she has a total of 20 times, and they will continue to read. She said, "Dream of Red Mans" is like her charging treasure. Cao Xueqin is an example of my study, "Dream of Red Mansions" to the language, is my novel very much.

In fact, the characters in "deprecating" have a careful machine, not to say, there is a white, that is like a Chinese painting, readers can replenish, complete their own participation process. And such narrative methods are also quietly paying tribute to "Dream of Red Mansions." My first novel doesn’t want to come up, the great elegance, Chinese style aesthetics, Chinese-style reading fun, is the goal of my writing pursuit. Yang Yifen said. In fact, after this minister, after giving up a lot of grand ideas, she chose a woman’s marriage and love such a breakthrough, chose to describe daily life to write historical pleats, which is also for China. Aesthetic respect and understanding.

For Yang Yifen, she wants to write, and there is also a work in the Tax Office, and family, children, housework. She cherishes ordinary life, she doesn’t want to write, she wants to be writer, and she contemptuous life.

She thinks that keeps alert to the writer. Living in this world, we must do our best to maintain the order of daily lives.

(Original title: After 10 years, Yang Yifen launched the first novel "Deputy" she portrayed the tough female in the historical pleats) Source: Beijing Daily reporter Lu Yanxia Process Editor: U010 Editor: U010.